The entrepreneurial experience is rapidly expanding in importance to badgers. For Wisconsin students, entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting a business, it’s about social change, innovation, leadership, and building essential lifelong skills. At the UW-Madison College of Engineering, we consider our students to be the next start-up leaders and have pledged to provide unique resources to foster success as a future entrepreneur.

We have several ways companies can contribute to this emergent initiative. Getting involved at any level provides experiences that harness student’s creativity and drive to create a better world. Consider being a mentor to a student group, a judge for a competition, or supporting our multidimensional programming. See the opportunities below to find an engagement that best fits your organizations.

Student Innovation Competitions

The College of Engineering provides many outlets to participate in innovation competitions. These serve as a great platform for students to validate ideas, learn a marketplace or industry, and hone valuable presentation skills. We look to organizations to sponsor these events, provide financial resources to participants looking to launch their inspired ideas. In addition, mentorship is an important piece to these inspired visionaries that are our students. We have several competitions available for sponsorship and look forward to your future contribution to this effort.


Entrepreneurial programming runs the entire academic year providing resources based on the needs of the student innovators at UW. Programming consists of presentations in intellectual property, go-to-market strategy, financials, and even design reviews. Students also have access to a pretty cool makerspace along with scheduled classes on all the incorporated equipment.

With these opportunities, students are provided with the appropriate fundamentals necessary to ideate, create, and launch a new product or service. The entrepreneurial experience is further developed through interaction with alumni, mentors, start-ups and interested parties who deliver key information to our students. Funds allow passionate entrepreneurs to contribute by providing mentorship, speaking on entrepreneurial subject matter, judging competitions, and leading design reviews. We target patent attorneys, venture capitalists, local alumni and entrepreneurs who want to share their expertise.

How to Support

Entrepreneurial Platform Levels
Stand-Up Level$5,000
Start-Up Level$10,000
Scale-Up Level$20,000

For questions or to get started, please contact:
Justin Hines – Director of Corporate Relations