University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering

The Grainger Foundation has established a major award program for UW-Madison students who are citizens and legal permanent residents of USA to recognize their scholarly achievement in the field of electric power engineering.

Grainger Power Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships are supported by a grant from the Grainger Foundation, Lake Forest, Illinois. The foundation, established in 1949 by Mr. and Mrs. William Wallace Grainger, has provided substantive support over the years to a broad range of organizations, including museums and educational, medical, and human services institutions. David W. Grainger, President of The Grainger Foundation, received his BS in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1950.

Grainger Power Engineering Scholarships/Fellowships are awarded in three categories.

Grainger undergraduate student scholarship

Eligible students for this scholarship must be Bachelor’s degree candidates from the College of Engineering who are specializing in the field of power engineering as demonstrated through their outstanding performance in ECE 355 or ECE 356 or through their enrollment and performance in ECE 411, ECE 412 or ECE 427. Scholarship qualifications are evaluated during the Fall semester.

Grainger graduate student fellowship

Eligible graduate students for this fellowship must be (1) pursuing a Ph.D. degree at the UW-Madison, (2) advised by faculty in the area of Energy & Power Systems, and (3) successfully completed their PhD Preliminary exam. Scholarship qualifications are evaluated during the Fall semester following the students’ successful completion of their PhD Preliminary exam.

Grainger undergraduate research fellowship

Eligible undergraduate students must be B.S. degree students who are conducting undergraduate research advised by Energy and Power Systems faculty, and registering under appropriate courses (ECE 399, ECE 491, etc).

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