University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering
Bucky Wagon

Currently undergoing renovation, the spirited Bucky Wagon is a restored 1932 La France fire engine, donated in 1971 to the Wisconsin Alumni Association by Jay J. and Norma Normington.

Greetings to alumni and friends of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The service you provide to our current and future students is inspiring. Your continued interest in the department guides us. Your generosity supports scholarships, fellowships, and named professorships. Thank you on behalf of the entire department.


Students who graduate from our department do not end their relationship with us upon leaving our doors. You become part of a lifelong, connected community. Send us your news — or questions — anytime.


We're working on education-to-career profiles that illustrate to prospective students (undergraduate or graduate) what future career options are made possible with a UW-Madison ECE degree. To help with this project, tell us:(1) What degree(s) did you obtain from our department? (2) In what ways do you recall and value your education at UW-Madison and the ECE department? (3) What is your current job, and how does it allow you to make an impact and a difference in the lives of others? (4) How did your UW-Madison education prepare you to end up where you are now? Please send your answers to


Through your gifts, we have sponsored many excellent students and faculty with scholarships, fellowships or named professorships. Just as importantly, your contributions have enabled us to nurture a spirit of lifelong community by sponsoring the formation of a graduate student lounge, ECE undergraduate student events and alumni receptions around the country.


Visit Giving to ECE to make a gift that benefits the department. Thank you for supporting ECE and the College of Engineering.