Faculty in our advanced manufacturing research area focus on the processes used to produce discrete metal and polymer parts. Their research is building a scientific understanding of advanced manufacturing processes, observing the complex physical phenomena at play in manufacturing processes, developing physics-based models that can be used to predict the outcomes of and control these processes, and transferring this fundamental knowledge to industry.

This group of faculty is conducting exciting research in additive manufacturing (design for and simulation of high-energy,high-speed,in-process observation of polymer, metal and solid-state-metal additive manufacturing), biomanufacturing, sustainable manufacturing (energy efficiency and recycling strategies), smart manufacturing (embedding sensors in cutting tools), polymer manufacturing (modeling, simulating and designing for polymer injection molding; polymer foams and nanocomposites), and metal manufacturing (ultra-precision machining, solid-state joining, metal-matrix nanocomposites, and laser polishing).

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  • Dan Thoma (Materials Science & Engineering)