ME Department Office

1513 University Ave, Madison, WI 53706
Rm. 2107 ME,, 608-262-3543


Department Chair
Professor Jaal B. Ghandhi
Rm. 2107B ME,, 608-263-1684

Academic Department Manager
Catherine Carter
Rm. 2107C ME, 608-265-2155

Yan Xu
Rm. 2107 ME, 608-890-3699

Research Administrator
Catherine Shults
Rm. 2107D ME,, 608-263-5372

Research Administrator
Zach Smith
Rm. 2107E ME,, 608-890-1090

University Services Program Associate
Abby Tetzlaff
Rm. 2107 ME,, 608-262-3543

Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Hong Zhang
Rm. 2001 ME,, 608-890-2562

Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Amie Hering
Rm. 2001 ME,, 608-262-8223

Meg Hamel
Rm. 2701 ME,, 608-265-8438


Undergraduate Student Services Advisors

Student Services Undergrad Advisors 

Graduate Student Services Advisors

Sara Hladilek
Rm. 3182 ME,, 608-262-8617


Graduate Committee Chair
Associate Professor Frank Pfefferkorn

Rm. 1031 ME,, 608-263-2668


ME Resources and Forms for:
Faculty, Staff, and Students