MS&E seminars

Seminar Schedule

Spring 2020

In light of the recent recommendations made by the campus to minimize the spread of the COVID 19 virus, and to protect the health of everyone who may be at risk, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering is cancelling all seminars for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester.

Thank you for understanding.


Seminar Archive

Sept. 5    Dr. John Mitchell, Argonne National Laboratory – Title: What’s Cooking?
Host: Paul Evans (MS&E)

Sept. 12  Prof. Shoulong Yang, University of Chicago- Title: Equilibrium and non-equilibrium probes of cooperative interactions in quantum materials
Host: Jason Kawasaki (MS&E)

Sept. 19  Prof. Chinedum Osuji, University of Pennsylvania – Title: Single crystals and bespoke textures in self-assembled soft materials  
Host: Padma Gopalan (MS&E) and Ramathasan Thevamaran (EP)

Sept. 26  Prof. Jin Suntivich, Cornell – Title: A Material-Centric Approach to the Designer Catalyst Challenge 
Host: Dane Morgan and Mike Arnold  (MS&E)

Oct. 3  Prof. Kei May Lau, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Title: Growth of III-V Photonic and Electron devices on Si by OMVPE 
Host: Luke Mawst (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Oct. 10  Prof. Tae-il Kim, Sungkyunkwan University – Title: Injectable & Bio-Inspired Electronics 
Host: Zhenqiang (Jack) Ma (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Oct. 17  Prof. Jan Schroers, Yale University –Title: Nanomolding of Metals Far and Close to Equilibrium 
Host: John Perepezko (MS&E)

Oct. 24  Prof. Richard James, University of Minnesota- Title: Supercompatibility and the direct conversion of heat to electricity 
Host: Jason Kawasaki (MS&E)

Oct. 31 Prof. Jonathan Claussen, Iowa State University – Title: Scalable Fabrication of Flexible Graphene Circuits for In-Field Electrochemical Biosensing and Biotechnology Applications 
Host: Sundaram Gunasekaran

Nov. 7   Prof. Nathan Mara, University of Minnesota – Title: Heating and Beating at the Nanoscale: The role of defects and interfaces on deformation and fracture
Host: Curt Bronkhorst (EP)

Nov. 14  Prof. Chris Kloxin, University of Delaware- Title: Bundlemers: A peptide-based Macromonomer Approach to Hierarchical Materials Construction 
Host: AJ Boydston (Chemistry)

Nov. 21 Dr. Daniel Knorr, U.S Army Research Lab Title: High Velocity Impact Performance of Polymers and Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites 
Host: Sue Babcock (MS&E)

Jan. 24     Dr. Kumar Sridharan, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Title: Materials Research and Development for the Harsh Environments of Nuclear Energy Systems
Host: Dane Morgan (MS&E)

Jan. 24     Dr. Weinan Xu, Johns Hopkins University – Title: Bringing the third dimension to 2D materials for the fabrication of ultrathin hybrid 3D systems
Host: Paul Voyles (MS&E)

Jan. 29     Dr. Osama Bilal, California Institute of Technology – Title: Programmable metamaterials: From redirecting stress waves on the fly to computing with vibrations and beyond…
Host: Jason Kawasaki (MS&E)

Jan. 31     Dr. Ashley Bucsek, University of Minnesota – Title: Establishing the relationship between local micromechanics and material performance using 3D X-ray diffraction
Host: Jiamian Hu (MS&E)

Feb. 12    Dr. Eric Lass, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – Title: Processing-Structure-Property Relationships in Additively Manufactured Metals: Building Reliable & Reproducible Microstructures
Host: Chang-Beom Eom (MS&E)

Feb. 14    Dr. Daniel Rhodes, Columbia University – Title: Disorder and Superconductivity in 2D TMD Heterostructures
Host: Jason Kawasaki (MS&E)

Feb. 19     Dr. Jinghua Li, Northwestern University and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign – Title: Advanced Thin-Film Materials and Electronics for Chronically Stable Neural Sensors
Host: Mike Arnold (MS&E)

Feb. 21     Dr. Shiteng Zhao, University of California-Berkeley – Title: Extreme Mechanical Metallurgy: Ultrafast Deformation of Materials Subjected to Laser-induced Shock Loading
Host: Izabela Szlufarska (MS&E)

Feb. 26     Dr. Marat Latypov, University of California-Santa Barbara – Title: From physics-based models to materials research in the cloud
Host: Paul Wilson (EP)

Feb. 26     Dr. Mohammad Vantankhah-Varnosfaderani, Singular Genomics Company – Title: Architecturally encoding living tissue mechanical properties in solvent-free materials
Host: Dane Morgan (MS&E)

Feb. 28     Dr. Cheng Gong, University of California-Berkeley – Title: 2D Magnets: Discovery, Challenges, and Opportunities
Host: Paul Evans (MS&E)

Mar. 5      Dr. Hangbo Zhao, Northwestern University – Title: Advanced Manufacturing of Unconventional 3D Micro- and Meso-Structures: From Strain-Engineered Growth to Mechanically Guided Assembly
Host: Don Stone (MS&E)

Mar. 7      Dr. Xining Zang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Title: TBD
Host: Sue Babcock (MS&E)

Sept. 6    Prof. Greeshma Gadikota, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Title: Towards Sustainable Gas Transport, Recovery and Storage: Tuning and Understanding Gas Interactions at Solid-Water Interfaces using Molecular- and Meso-Scale Studies for Pore-to-Field and Process Scale Applications in Energy and Environment
Host: Padma Gopalan (MS&E)

Sept. 13  Dr. Blanka Magyari-Köpe, Stanford University – Title: Ab Initio Simulations of Advanced Non-Volatile Memory Devices
Host: J. Leon Shohet (ECE)

Sept. 18 Edward Noble Kramer Distinguished Interdisciplinary Lecture, special meeting
Prof. Naomi Halas, Rice University – Title: From Faraday to Tomorrow: The Growing Importance and Impact of Metallic Nanoparticles
Host: John Perepezko (MS&E)

Sept. 20  Prof. Stéphane Kéna-Cohen, Polytechique Montreal – Title: Room-temperature quantum fluids of light
Host: Mike Arnold (MS&E)

Sept. 27  Prof. Nasim Alem, Penn State University – Title: Probing nanostructured materials atom by atom: An ultra-high resolution aberration-corrected electron microscopy study
Host: Paul Voyles (MS&E)

Oct. 4      Prof. Matthew Sheldon, Texas A&M University – Title: Nanomaterials and Light: New Opportunities in Energy Research
Host: Victor Brar (Physics)

Oct. 11    Dr. Lauren Garten, Sandia National Labratory – Title: Growing the Impossible: Routes to Stabilize Metastable Phases
Host: Paul Evans (MS&E)

Oct. 18     Prof. Jonathan Fan, Stanford University – Title: Data-driven metamaterial design for extreme waveform control
Host: Mikhail Kats (ECE)

Oct. 25     Prof. Mariana Bertoni, Arizona State University – Title: Designing Next Generation Solar Absorbers via Correlative X-ray Microscopy
Host: Paul Evans (MSE)

Nov. 1      Prof. Mingwei Chen, Johns Hopkins University – Title: Structure-Property Relation of Metallic Glasses
Host: John Perepezko (MSE)

Nov. 8      Prof. AJ Boydston, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Title: Integrated Design, Additive Manufacturing, and Mechanoresponsive Materials
Host: Padma Gopalan (MSE)

Nov. 15    Prof. Zhen Gu, UCLA – Title: Leverage Physiology for Bioresponsive Drug Delivery
Host: Weibo Cai (Radiology)

Nov. 22    No seminar due to Thanksgiving   

Nov. 29    No seminar due to MRS Conference meeting

Dec. 6      Prof. Brian Gorman, Colorado School of Mines – Title: Sub-nm Quantification of Defect Chemistry using Atom Probe Tomography
Host: Paul Voyles (MSE)

Jan. 25  Dr. Dawei Feng, Stanford University – Title: “The next generation of MOFs: Designed for stability and utility”
Host: Dane Morgan (MS&E)

Feb. 1   Dr. Rachel Letteri, Texas A&M University – Title: “Functional biomimetic polymers: From sticky droplets to stereochemistry-directed assembly”
Host: Padma Gopalan (MS&E)

Feb. 8    No seminar due to Prospective Graduate Student Visit

Feb. 15  Dr. Babak Anasori, Drexel University – Title: “2D Transition Metal Carbides and Nitrides (MXenes)”
Host: Chang-Beom Eom (MS&E)

Feb. 20 (special meeting) Dr. Matthew Montemore, Harvard University – Title: “Understanding and Designing Transition metal Catalysts”

Feb. 22  Dr. Michael Ross, University of California-Berkeley – Title: “Designing Functional Materials with Electronically Excited Nanostructured Metals”
Host: Xudong Wang (MS&E)

Mar. 1    Dr. Qingkun Liu, University of Colorado-Boulder – Title: “Liquid Crystalline Self-Assembled Smart Materials
Host: Jason Kawasaki (MS&E)

Mar. 8    Dr. Sebastian Pattinson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Title: “Engineering Additive Manufacturing Materials across Length Scales for Future Wearable and Implantable Devices
Host: Chang-Beom Eom (MS&E)

Mar. 15  No seminar due to TMS meeting, March 11-15

Mar. 22  Prof. Ramathasan Thevamaran, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Title: “Hierarchical and Gradient Microstructures for Controlling Mechanical Properties

Mar. 29  No seminar due to Spring Break

Apr. 5     No seminar due to MRS meeting, April 2-6

Apr. 12   Prof. Zuzanna Siwy, University of CA-Irvine – Title: “Designing components of ionic circuits: ionic diodes, rectifiers and transistors”
Host: Izabela Szlufarska (MS&E)

Apr. 19   Prof. Cherie Kagan, University of Pennsylvania – Title: “Designer Colloidal Nanocrystal Materials for Electronic and Optical Applications”
Host: Mike Arnold (MS&E); co-sponsored by WISELI and the MRSEC.

Apr. 26   Prof. Victor Brar, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Title: “Active Control of Mid-IR Absorption and Emission Using Plasmonic Modes in Graphene Metasurfaces

May 3     Prof. Raluca Scarlat, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Title: “Chemical Interactions among Molten Salt, Graphite and Tritium in the Fluoride-Salt Cooled High Temperature Nuclear Reactors (FHR)”

Sept. 7    Prof. Reid Van Lehn, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Title: “Fluctuations and Solvent Interactions at Soft Interfaces: Insights from Molecular Simulations” 

Sept. 14  Prof. Peter Voorhees, Northwestern University – Title: “Dislocations, Trijunctions and Grain Boundary Motion” 

Sept. 21  Prof. Brent Sumerlin, University of Florida, Dept. of Chemistry – Title: “Structurally dynamic assemblies of stimuli-responsive polymers”

Sept. 28  Prof. Randall Goldsmith, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Title: “Materials for Optical Microresonators and Optical Microresonators for Studying Materials”

Oct. 5      Prof. Arka Majumdar, Univeristy of Washington – Title: “Cavity integrated layered material devices”

Oct. 12    Dr. Nathan Guisinger, Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory – Title: “Atomic-scale exploration of synthetic low dimensional materials” – Sponsored by the James Russel Myers Seminar Series

Oct. 19    Dr. Meimei Li, Argonne National Laboratory – Title: “In situ Studies of Nuclear Reactor Materials by TEM and Synchrotron X-rays”

Oct. 26    Prof. David Cahill, Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Title: “Ultrafast Heat Transfer in Nanoscale Materials”

Nov. 2     No Seminar

Nov. 9    Prof. Minjoo Larry Lee, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Title: “Strain engineering of III-V and group-IV semiconductors”

Nov. 16   Prof. Michael Nastasi, University of Nebraska – Title: “Irradiation Tolerant Amorphous Silicon Oxycarbide and Crystalline Fe Nanocomposites”

Nov. 23   Thanksgiving Day – No seminar

Nov. 30   MRS conference – No seminar

Dec. 7     Prof. Phillip Messersmith, University of California-Berkeley – Title: “Polyphenolic Materials Inspired by Mussels, Tea, Wine, and Chocolate: From Biomolecular Phenomena to Applications”

Jan 19   Dr. David Poerschke, UCSB – “Mitigating Environmental Degradation of Ceramic Composites: Integrated Frameworks to Accelerate Materials Design”

Jan 26   Dr. Masoud Mahjouri-Samani, Oak Ridge National Laboratory – “Non-Equilibrium, Laser-Based Synthesis and Diagnostics of 2D Materials and Heterostructures”

Feb 2    Dr. Shi Liu, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution for Science – “Multiscale Simulations of Functional Materials: from ferroelectric switching fundamentals to next-generation solar cells”

Feb 9  Dr. Xiaoliang Wei, Pacific Northwet National Laboratory, Richland, WA – “Rational Materials Development for Advanced Redox Flow Batteries”

Feb 13  Dr. Wenhao Sun, Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory – “Navigating stability and metastability in the design and synthesis of novel materials”

Feb 23  Dr. Bolin Liao, CALTECH – Understanding Transport and Interaction of Microscopic Energy Carriers at the Single-Mode Level: Computation and Experiment”

Mar 9  Dr. Lance Wheeler, NREL, US Dept of Energy, Golden, CO – Enabling Next-Generation Photovoltaics with Quantum Dot Surface Chemistry and Switchable Perovskites”

Mar 16  Prof. Yifei Mo, Univ. of Maryland – “Computational design of materials and interfaces in Solid-State Batteries”

Mar 30  Prof. Harold Hwang, Univ. of Pennsylvania – “Complex Oxide Heterostructures”

Apr 13   Dr. Boyd Mueller, Vice President of Technology, Alcoa Power and Propulsion, Recipient of the 2016 UW College of Engineering Distinguished Achievement Award, Nov. 11, 2016. – “Thermal Barrier Coating Developments for Gas Turbine Engines”

Apr 27  Prof. Dennis Discher, University of Pennsylvania – “Materials Approaches to Biology”

Sept. 8     Prof. Beth Guiton, University of KY – “Investigating Nanostructure Synthesis Using In Situ TEM”

Sept. 15   Prof. Roman Engel-Herbert, Penn State – “Transition metal oxide films: Why even bother?”

Sept. 22   Dr. Brian Stephenson, Argonne Nat’l Lab – “In Situ Coherent X-ray Scattering Studies of Atomic Mechanisms of Crystal Growth” – Sponsored by the James Russel Myers Seminar Series

Sept. 29   Prof. Lian Li, West VA University – Epitaxial growth of vander Waals heterostructures

Oct. 6       Prof. John Parise, Stoney Brook Univ – “Theory coupled to in situ experiments for materials discovery”

Oct. 13     Prof. Nicole Zacharia, Univ of Akron (polymers, soft materials)

Oct. 20     Dr. Subramanian Sankaranarayanan, Argonne Nat’l Lab – “In Silico Design of Nanoscale Hybrid Materials and Interfaces for Energy Applications”

Oct. 27     Dr. Virginia Wheeler, Naval Research Lab – “Atomic Layer Deposition of Thin VO2 Films to Enable Smart, Functional Coatings”

Nov. 3      Dr. Marcus Cicerone, Nat’l Inst. of Standards and Tech. (NIST) – “Predicting stability of freeze-dried proteins using materials dynamics”

Nov. 10    Prof. Eric Wachsman, Univ of MD (advances in ion-conductors: fundamentals and new technologies)
                  Sponsored by the James Russel Myers Seminar Series

Nov. 17    Prof. Susan Sinnott, Penn State – “Expanding the Toolbox: Design and Discovery using Material Modeling Methods”

Dec. 8      Prof. Jason Kawasaki, UW Madison, MS&E – TBA

Jan. 21 – Adrien Couet, UW Madison (Environmental Degradation of Nuclear Materials)

Jan. 28 – Sergio Madrigal-Carballo, Nat’l. Univ., Costa Rica (Added-value deriatives from tropical biowastes: A bionanotechnology approach)

Feb. 4 – Igal Brener, Sandia Nat’l. Labs (Active Dielectric and Metallic Metasurfaces: Strong Coupling, Tuning and Nonlinearities)

Feb. 11- Luis Zepeda-Ruiz, Lawrence Livermore Berkely Lab (Computational Materials Science – Applications at a National Laboratory)

Feb 18 – Matthew Tirrell, Univ. of Chicago (Protein Analogous Micelles: Versatile, Modular Nanoparticles)

March 3 – George T. Gray III, Los Alamos Nat’l. Lab (The influence of processing – microstructure relations on the deformation response of materials)

March 10 – Alfredo Alex Katz, MIT (Nano-Bio Interactions at the Cell membrane Interface)

March 17 – Christian Dwyer, Arizona State Univ. (Using the Transmission Electron Microscope to Explore Nanomaterials – the Current State of the Art)

April 7 – Gerd Ceder, Kramer Lecturer, UC Berkely (The Materials Genome and the Transformation of Materials Science and Engineering)

April 14 – Heather Evans, Nat’l. Inst. of Standards & Technology (Adventures in Science Policy: Putting Your Science to Work in Washington)

April 21 – Ajayan Pulickel, Inaugural Sigma Aldrich Lecturer, Rice Univ. (Materials Science With Two-dimensional Atomic Layers)

April 28 – David Mitzi, Duke Univ. (Perovskite Semiconductors: Opportunities and Challenges for Photovoltaic Materials Design)

May 6 – Vladimir V. Tsukruk, Georgia Institute of Technology, (Designing Strong Flexible Laminated Bionanocomposites)