MS&E seminars

Seminar Schedule

Below is the schedule for Spring 2018. All seminars take place on Thursdays from 4 – 5 p.m., with refreshments at 3:45 p.m., in 265 Materials Science and Engineering Building.

If you are interested in meeting with one of the visiting speakers, please contact the speaker’s host, or Annie Anderson (

Jan. 25  Dr. Dawei Feng, Stanford University – Title: TBD
Host: Dane Morgan (MS&E)

Feb. 1   Dr. Rachel Letteri, Texas A&M University – Title: TBD
Host: Padma Gopalan (MS&E)

Feb. 8    No seminar due to Graduate Recruitment Event

Feb. 15  Dr. Babak Anasori, Drexel University – Title: TBD
Host: Chang-Beom Eom (MS&E)

Feb. 22  Dr. Michael Ross, University of California-Berkeley – Title: TBD
Host: Xudong Wang (MS&E)

Mar. 1    Dr. Qingkun Liu, University of Colorado-Boulder – Title: TBD
Host: Jason Kawasaki (MS&E)

Mar. 8    TBD

Mar. 15  TBD

Mar. 22  TBD

Mar. 29  No seminar due to Spring Break

Apr. 5     No seminar due to MRS meeting, April 2-6

Apr. 12   Prof. Zuzanna Siwy, University of CA-Irvine – Title: TBD
Host: Izabela Szlufarska (MS&E)

Apr. 19   Prof. Cherie Kagan, University of Pennsylvania – Title: TBD
Host: Mike Arnold (MS&E)

Apr. 26   TBD

May 3     TBD

Seminar Archive

  • Sept. 7    Prof. Reid Van Lehn, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Title: “Fluctuations and Solvent Interactions at Soft Interfaces: Insights from Molecular Simulations” 
  • Sept. 14  Prof. Peter Voorhees, Northwestern University – Title: “Dislocations, Trijunctions and Grain Boundary Motion” 
  • Sept. 21  Prof. Brent Sumerlin, University of Florida, Dept. of Chemistry – Title: “Structurally dynamic assemblies of stimuli-responsive polymers”
  • Sept. 28  Prof. Randall Goldsmith, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Title: “Materials for Optical Microresonators and Optical Microresonators for Studying Materials”
  • Oct. 5      Prof. Arka Majumdar, Univeristy of Washington – Title: “Cavity integrated layered material devices”
  • Oct. 12    Dr. Nathan Guisinger, Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory – Title: “Atomic-scale exploration of synthetic low dimensional materials” – Sponsored by the James Russel Myers Seminar Series
  • Oct. 19    Dr. Meimei Li, Argonne National Laboratory – Title: “In situ Studies of Nuclear Reactor Materials by TEM and Synchrotron X-rays”
  • Oct. 26    Prof. David Cahill, Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Title: “Ultrafast Heat Transfer in Nanoscale Materials”
  • Nov. 2     No Seminar
  • Nov. 9    Prof. Minjoo Larry Lee, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Title: “Strain engineering of III-V and group-IV semiconductors”
  • Nov. 16   Prof. Michael Nastasi, University of Nebraska – Title: “Irradiation Tolerant Amorphous Silicon Oxycarbide and Crystalline Fe Nanocomposites”
  • Nov. 23   Thanksgiving Day – No seminar
  • Nov. 30   MRS conference – No seminar
  • Dec. 7     Prof. Phillip Messersmith, University of California-Berkeley – Title: “Polyphenolic Materials Inspired by Mussels, Tea, Wine, and Chocolate: From Biomolecular Phenomena to Applications”
  • Jan 19   Dr. David Poerschke, UCSB – “Mitigating Environmental Degradation of Ceramic Composites: Integrated Frameworks to Accelerate Materials Design”
  • Jan 26   Dr. Masoud Mahjouri-Samani, Oak Ridge National Laboratory – “Non-Equilibrium, Laser-Based Synthesis and Diagnostics of 2D Materials and Heterostructures”
  • Feb 2    Dr. Shi Liu, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution for Science – “Multiscale Simulations of Functional Materials: from ferroelectric switching fundamentals to next-generation solar cells”
  • Feb 9  Dr. Xiaoliang Wei, Pacific Northwet National Laboratory, Richland, WA – “Rational Materials Development for Advanced Redox Flow Batteries”
  • Feb 13  Dr. Wenhao Sun, Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory – “Navigating stability and metastability in the design and synthesis of novel materials”
  • Feb 23  Dr. Bolin Liao, CALTECH – Understanding Transport and Interaction of Microscopic Energy Carriers at the Single-Mode Level: Computation and Experiment”
  • Mar 9  Dr. Lance Wheeler, NREL, US Dept of Energy, Golden, CO – Enabling Next-Generation Photovoltaics with Quantum Dot Surface Chemistry and Switchable Perovskites”
  • Mar 16  Prof. Yifei Mo, Univ. of Maryland – “Computational design of materials and interfaces in Solid-State Batteries”
  • Mar 30  Prof. Harold Hwang, Univ. of Pennsylvania – “Complex Oxide Heterostructures”
  • Apr 13   Dr. Boyd Mueller, Vice President of Technology, Alcoa Power and Propulsion, Recipient of the 2016 UW College of Engineering Distinguished Achievement Award, Nov. 11, 2016. – “Thermal Barrier Coating Developments for Gas Turbine Engines”
  • Apr 27  Prof. Dennis Discher, University of Pennsylvania – “Materials Approaches to Biology”

Sept. 8     Prof. Beth Guiton, University of KY – “Investigating Nanostructure Synthesis Using In Situ TEM”

Sept. 15   Prof. Roman Engel-Herbert, Penn State – “Transition metal oxide films: Why even bother?”

Sept. 22   Dr. Brian Stephenson, Argonne Nat’l Lab – “In Situ Coherent X-ray Scattering Studies of Atomic Mechanisms of Crystal Growth” – Sponsored by the James Russel Myers Seminar Series

Sept. 29   Prof. Lian Li, West VA University – Epitaxial growth of vander Waals heterostructures

Oct. 6       Prof. John Parise, Stoney Brook Univ – “Theory coupled to in situ experiments for materials discovery”

Oct. 13     Prof. Nicole Zacharia, Univ of Akron (polymers, soft materials)

Oct. 20     Dr. Subramanian Sankaranarayanan, Argonne Nat’l Lab – “In Silico Design of Nanoscale Hybrid Materials and Interfaces for Energy Applications”

Oct. 27     Dr. Virginia Wheeler, Naval Research Lab – “Atomic Layer Deposition of Thin VO2 Films to Enable Smart, Functional Coatings”

Nov. 3      Dr. Marcus Cicerone, Nat’l Inst. of Standards and Tech. (NIST) – “Predicting stability of freeze-dried proteins using materials dynamics”

Nov. 10    Prof. Eric Wachsman, Univ of MD (advances in ion-conductors: fundamentals and new technologies)
                  Sponsored by the James Russel Myers Seminar Series

Nov. 17    Prof. Susan Sinnott, Penn State – “Expanding the Toolbox: Design and Discovery using Material Modeling Methods”

Dec. 8      Prof. Jason Kawasaki, UW Madison, MS&E – TBA

Jan. 21 – Adrien Couet, UW Madison (Environmental Degradation of Nuclear Materials)

Jan. 28 – Sergio Madrigal-Carballo, Nat’l. Univ., Costa Rica (Added-value deriatives from tropical biowastes: A bionanotechnology approach)

Feb. 4 – Igal Brener, Sandia Nat’l. Labs (Active Dielectric and Metallic Metasurfaces: Strong Coupling, Tuning and Nonlinearities)

Feb. 11- Luis Zepeda-Ruiz, Lawrence Livermore Berkely Lab (Computational Materials Science – Applications at a National Laboratory)

Feb 18 – Matthew Tirrell, Univ. of Chicago (Protein Analogous Micelles: Versatile, Modular Nanoparticles)

March 3 – George T. Gray III, Los Alamos Nat’l. Lab (The influence of processing – microstructure relations on the deformation response of materials)

March 10 – Alfredo Alex Katz, MIT (Nano-Bio Interactions at the Cell membrane Interface)

March 17 – Christian Dwyer, Arizona State Univ. (Using the Transmission Electron Microscope to Explore Nanomaterials – the Current State of the Art)

April 7 – Gerd Ceder, Kramer Lecturer, UC Berkely (The Materials Genome and the Transformation of Materials Science and Engineering)

April 14 – Heather Evans, Nat’l. Inst. of Standards & Technology (Adventures in Science Policy: Putting Your Science to Work in Washington)

April 21 – Ajayan Pulickel, Inaugural Sigma Aldrich Lecturer, Rice Univ. (Materials Science With Two-dimensional Atomic Layers)

April 28 – David Mitzi, Duke Univ. (Perovskite Semiconductors: Opportunities and Challenges for Photovoltaic Materials Design)

May 6 – Vladimir V. Tsukruk, Georgia Institute of Technology, (Designing Strong Flexible Laminated Bionanocomposites)