Master of Science in Industrial Engineering – Systems Engineering and Analytics

The program in Systems Engineering and Analytics will train students to recognize, identify, analyze, and solve decision problems arising in the efficient operations of engineering systems. The program focuses on methods and models for data analytics and data-driven decision-making.

Is This Program Right for You?

Analytics, and the ability to effectively utilize data, is quickly becoming an important component in engineering decision making. There is a strong need in the marketplace for people who use analytical tools to transform data into insights for making better decisions. The Systems Engineering and Analytics option within the UW-Madison graduate program in Industrial and Systems Engineering offers students the opportunity to pursue graduate training in this important and emerging area, under the auspices of the foremost experts in their field, in one of the world’s top-ranked departments of industrial and systems engineering. (We were ranked 8th in the latest US News and World Report Rankings). The flexible curricula in Systems Engineering and Analytics enable students to tailor their degree program to suit their particular needs and career objectives.

After completing your degree, you will be able to analyze, process, and build conclusions based on the data you collect in the design, testing, and operations phases of engineering and design processes.

The program includes training in optimization models and methods, applied industrial analytics, simulation modeling and analysis, and courses wherein these analytical and computational tools are applied in an engineering systems setting. These learned skills are now highly sought after in manufacturing, transportation, finance, healthcare, and other industrial sectors.

What You Learn

  • Acquire mathematical, scientific, and engineering principles in analytics.
  • Utilize data-driven methodologies to formulate, analyze, and solve advanced engineering problems.
  • Evaluate relevant analytical, computational, engineering tools to address advanced systems engineering problems.
  • Solve real-world problems using computer-assisted, data-driven decision making technologies.

If questions, please contact COE Grad Admissions at; Subject Line: IE Grad Admissions and ISyE Seniors please contact Pam Peterson with questions. Please see admission requirements under the Apply Now tab below.

At A Glance
DeliveryIn class instruction
Credits30 graduate credits
Timeframe12-16 month program: Students may finish in a 12 month timeline by enrolling in summer session. If student wishes to complete a summer internship, student may finish their degree in an additional Fall semester. However, program must be completed within 16 months.
TuitionResident: $6,005/semester + $2,997 for 6 summer credits
Nonresident: $12,668/semester + $6,329 for 6 summer credits *Additional fees may apply
For more information on tuition rates, please visit
Degree ConfirmedMaster of Science in Industrial Engineering
Offered ByThe UW-Madison College of Engineering
Application DeadlinesFall: January 1
Spring: October 1

Degree & Prospective Student Information

  • 30 credit degree program; may transfer up to 7 credits of prior graduate coursework if applicant has previous MS degree from institution other than UW-Madison with approval by department advisor
  • UW-Madison students completing their bachelor’s degree in the Industrial and Systems Engineering department at UW-Madison may count up to 6 credits of coursework numbered 300 or above towards the degree with prior program approval
  • With program approval, students are allowed to count no more than 9 credits of graduate course work from other institutions.
  • 12-16 month program: Students may finish in a 12 month timeline by enrolling in summer session. If student wishes to complete a summer internship, student may finish their degree in an additional Fall semester. However, program must be completed within 16 months

Applicants must first meet all of the requirements of the Graduate School

Applicants must also meet department specific requirements as outlined below:

  • BS degree in industrial engineering or related area or equivalent
  • Mathematical Statistics Course (for example, Stat 312)
  • Introduction to Programming Course (for example, CS 301)
  • Non-native English speakers must have a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 580 (written), 243 (computer-based test), or 92 (Internet version).
  • The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is *required for all masters programs in ISyE. Information on taking the GRE exam can be found here: note: Applicants should plan to take their exam by Dec. 1st to allow scores to be sent and processed.

*ISyE undergrads and applicants with prior institutional approval are waived from the GRE requirement.

How to Apply:

  1. Fill out an online application through the Graduate School website and pay the application fee.
  2. List three recommenders and their contact information as part of the online application. An email will be sent to the recommender, asking that they submit their letter online using the Graduate School’s recommendation form. Applicants can log back into their online application to re-send the email request if the recommender loses the email. Letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically.
  3. Submit a Statement of Purpose with your online application.
  4. GRE EXAM INFORMATION (STARTING FALL 2018): Ask ETS to submit your GRE scores to the UW-Madison Graduate School (Institution Number 1846). The IE graduate program requires the GRE exam be taken by ALL prospective students as part of the application for this program. (ISyE Seniors completing their degree at UW Madison the GRE requirement is waived for the MS Course option programs only). Please note there are no specific scoring guidelines for the exam as the GRE is only one part of consideration for admission into the program however the average GRE scores of recent admitted students are Verb 155/67%  Quant 166/89% Anly 3.7/44.9%. Applicants should plan to take their exam at least 4 weeks prior to the Application Deadline to allow scores to be sent and processed and GRE exam information must be valid at start date of the semester that you are applying for (non-expired)).
  5. TOEFL EXAM INFORMATION: Ask ETS to submit your TOEFL/IELTS scores to the UW-Madison Graduate School (Institution Number 1846). If you have your scores sent to UW-Madison, they will be available online to all departments to which you have applied. The institution code, therefore, is the only number needed. For more information please visit the Graduate School Requirements page. (Please note: Exam information must be valid at start date of the semester that you are applying for (non-expired)).
  6. Electronically submit one copy of your official transcript with your application. Unofficial copies of transcripts will be accepted for review but official copies are required for admitted students.


  1. 6 credits of undergraduate coursework may be counted toward the 30-credit degree. All Non-ISyE courses must be approved after admissions.
  2. Three letters of recommendation are NOT required for students completing their ISyE bachelor’s degree at UW. Please note that the application system will still require you to list three individuals as recommenders. You are welcome to list Jim Luedtke, Pam Peterson, and Maria Zarzalejo to bypass this requirement.
  3. ISyE undergrads and applicants with prior institutional approval are waived from the GRE requirement.
  4. UW-Madison undergraduate students applying to this program do not need to submit a UW transcript.

→Submit only the documents requested.

Apply now:



Check out the Admissions FAQ or contact us.

*Application deadlines are strictly enforced and ALL application materials including transcripts, letters and TOFL scores MUST be included and submitted by the application deadline. Please note our office does not provide feedback to applicants as to their potential for admission – please review both the ISyE department and Graduate School requirements for admission and if you feel you meet the necessary criteria for applying, please do so.


Information for Current Students

Below is a typical curriculum for those pursuing a MSIE-Named Option in Systems Engineering and Analytics.




For more information about the Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering – Systems Engineering and Analytics please visit:

Please DO NOT mail any paper copies of application materials. They will not be reviewed. Please only upload the required application materials with the Graduate School application. This includes official transcripts. If an applicant is admitted by the ISyE Admissions Committee, they will receive further instructions from the ISyE Graduate Admissions Office.

Applicants should monitor your application status by visiting the “Graduate Application Status” window within your MyUW portal (information on this is received after submitting an application). You may need to activate a NetID to gain access to the MyUW portal.

Applicants will receive an email from the ISyE Graduate Admissions Office with the Admissions Committee’s decision as soon as the office receives it.

Further questions related to the ISyE admissions process may be directed to