MS in Industrial Engineering

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering Research Option

MSIE 2-year program Research Option (30 credits)

(Please see admission requirements under the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering 2-year Program Detail tab below).

Application Deadlines:

Fall: January 1*

*Applications are accepted only for the fall semester, except for UW-Madison ISyE seniors.



Why pursue a MS – Research in industrial and systems engineering?

The UW-Madison graduate program in industrial and systems engineering offers students extraordinary opportunities to pursue a course of study that is customized to the student’s interests and ambitions, under the auspices of the foremost experts in their field, in one of the top-ranked departments of industrial and systems engineering.

Our flexible graduate curricula enable students to tailor their degree program to suit their particular needs and career objectives. Concentration areas in industrial and systems engineering include: Operations Research, Manufacturing, Health Systems Engineering, and Human Factors and Ergonomics. Students also have opportunities to take graduate courses in any other departments at the UW-Madison, which has a comprehensive set of top-ranked graduate and professional programs.

Focus Areas


More information available on our Research Page.

Degree & Prospective Student Information


Application deadlines are strictly enforced and ALL application materials including transcripts, GRE and TOFL scores MUST be included and submitted by the application deadline.
*Please note our office does not provide feedback to applicants as to their potential for admission – please review both the ISyE department and Graduate School requirements for admission and if you feel you meet the necessary criteria for applying, please do so.

1. Applicants must first meet all of the requirement of the Graduate School. Click here for more information about these requirements.

2. Applicants must also meet department specific requirements as outlined below:

  • BS degree or equivalent
  • Mathematical Statistics course (for example, Stat 312)
  • Computer Programming course (for example, CS 302)
  • Three introductory courses in Industrial Engineering, such as: 313, 315320323349415417
  • The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is *required for all masters programs in ISyE. Information on taking the GRE exam can be found here: Please note: Applicants should plan to take their exam by Dec. 1st to allow scores to be sent and processed.

Note: Depending on an applicant’s background, applicants may be deficient in up to two prerequisite courses.


  1. Fill out an online application through the Graduate School website and pay the application fee.
  2. List three recommenders and their contact information as part of the online application. An email will be sent to the recommender, asking that they submit their letter online using the Graduate School’s recommendation form. Applicants can log back into their online application to re-send the email request if the recommender loses the email. Letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically.
  3. Submit a Statement of Purpose with your online application.
  4. TOEFL EXAM INFORMATION: Ask ETS to submit your IELTS/TOEFL scores to the UW-Madison Graduate School (Institution Number 1846). If you have your scores sent to UW-Madison, they will be available online to all departments to which you have applied. The institution code, therefore, is the only number needed. For more information please visit the Graduate School Requirements page. (Please note: Exam information must be valid at start date of the semester that you are applying for (non-expired)).
  5. GRE EXAM INFORMATIONAsk ETS to submit your GRE scores to the UW-Madison Graduate School (Institution Number 1846). The IE graduate program requires the GRE exam be taken by ALL prospective students as part of the application for this program (this includes ISyE Seniors  completing their degree at UW Madison for this degree program). Please note there are no specific scoring guidelines for the exam as the GRE is only one part of consideration for admission into the program however the average GRE scores of recent admitted students are Verb 155/67%  Quant 166/89% Anly 3.7/44.9%. Applicants should plan to take their exam at least 4 weeks prior to the Application Deadline to allow scores to be sent and processed and GRE exam information must be valid at start date of the semester that you are applying for (non-expired)). 
  6. Electronically submit one copy of your official transcript with your application. Unofficial copies of transcripts will be accepted for review but official copies are required for admitted students.

→Submit only the documents requested.




Check out the Admissions FAQ or contact us at

Information for Current Students

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE) – 2 year program:

You must choose from one of the following focus areas for your MSIE degree.

Decision Sciences and Operations Research

Health Systems Engineering

Human Factors & Ergonomics

Manufacturing & Production Systems

Quality Engineering

To Apply:


Application Process:

Teaching Assistant and Grader positions are appointed each semester. New TAs must submit an application each semester in order to be considered. If you currently are a TA in Industrial and Systems Engineering, you do not need to complete an application each semester.

The number of positions is limited, and the application process is highly competitive. Priority is given to those with current positions who are in good standing and would like to continue teaching. Only after these positions are filled do we look at other applicants. The number of new positions available each semester is generally low, especially in the spring. While this should not deter you from applying, please keep it in mind when planning for the semester.

The Department will consider graduate students from other departments only when there are no qualified applicants from the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Expected timing for appointments:

Appointments for Teaching Assistants are generally made in August for the fall semester and in early December for the spring semester. Grader appointments are appointed along a similar timeline, but often a few weeks later.

Once Hired:

Students hired into a TA position are required to attend the New Educator Orientation (NAO) training in late August. Please see the website for more details:

Speaking requirements for international students:

All international students applying for teaching assistant positions must meet the UW-Madison Graduate School’s requirement for spoken English BEFORE they can be considered as a TA. This requirement can be fulfilled in two ways:

  1. Pass the SPEAK You can register for the SPEAK test through Aaron Webster in Room 3180 ME,
  2. Receive a 26 or higher on the speaking portion of the TOEFL test (or equivalent). Provide a copy of your score to Aaron Webster in Room 3180 ME,

Students continuing as TAs/PAs:

Please be aware that Teaching Assistants cannot be reappointed for more than one semester unless they have completed Graduate Assistant Equity Workshops.

These workshops provide information about relevant laws, policies, regulations and resources; explore the practical application of these policies to classroom and learning environments; and engage in conversations designed to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and excellence through diversity. The workshop segment presented by the Office for Equity and Diversity is delivered in person and requires registration. The session schedule, electronic copies of the materials referenced during each in-person presentation, and the registration link are available at

The McBurney Disability Resource Center segment of the workshop is presented through Learn@UW. Participants who attend and complete the in-person presentation by the Office of Equity and Diversity, will be automatically on a roster for the McBurney online training and should see the modules listed in their Student View.

Please note that Teaching Assistants need to attend the in-person presentation and complete the online training in order to comply with the UW-Madison reappointment expectations. TAs or PAs who have attended one of these sessions at UW-Madison in the past, need not attend again.

Financial Assistance

Please note that most funding is available for PhD students and there is limited resources for MS students. International students must prove one year of funding before requesting assistance.

If you choose to attend UW-Madison and plan to pursue funding on your own, the following sites could be very helpful: