Letters and Science Major

For non L&S Students wishing to Declare or Cancel a Letters and Science (L&S) Major or Certificate:

  1. Download the L&S Major/Certification/Option Declaration/Cancellation Form
  2. Advisor and student fill out the form. Please note:
    1. The form must be signed and dated by both the student and a representative of the Major Department.
    2. The form must include the name, phone, and email address of the departmental faculty or staff advisor associated with the major. Departments may designate an individual who serves as a “general advising contact.”
  3. Distribute copies to:
    1. Student
    2. Relevant Major Department(s)
    3. L&S Student Academic Affairs Policy Group (70 Bascom Hall)
    4. Student Academic Affairs (or similar) of the School/College in which the student is enrolled.
  4. The student’s School/College student academic affairs office will update the student’s program in SIS, add the advisor to new Program/Plan advisor panel, and delete old Program/Plan Advisor row if no other major is declared.