Academic and Department Forms and Policies – ISyE

Academic Forms and Policies

ISyE Program Forms

BSIE Honors in Research Degree Program

Course Substitution Form – ISyE Undergraduate

ISyE 415 Pre-Registration Form-Fall Only

ISyE Independent Study

Tuition Waiver Request Form-Independent Learning/UW Extension Course

ISyE Program Policies

Independent Learning Tuition Waiver Request Procedure

ISyE_P_17.1_Undergrad Advising

ISyE_P_18.1_Graduation Verification Process


Questions? Contact:
Maria Zarzalejo or Alexis Steinbach
Undergraduate Student Services Coordinators
Email: or

Return Academic Forms to Undergraduate Student Services 1410 Engineering Drive, Room 170

Department Forms and Policies

Please visit and complete the EVUA here: