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Welcome to the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering!

Our department has a history of strong commitment to both teaching and research in the field of industrial and systems engineering. We are a national leader in research funding which places world class faculty, opportunities, and facilities at your fingertips. Our faculty, respected nationally and internationally, are leading the way in education and cutting edge research in the following areas:

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Did you know?

After graduation there are many different job opportunities available to industrial engineers. Many are employed in some facet of manufacturing where they interface with many types of professionals and work to blend technology, people, money and information together for smooth and efficient operations. Job opportunities outside manufacturing industries abound as well— in fact, there is virtually no limit to what can be done using industrial and systems engineering! Industrial engineers work in hospitals and medical centers, telecommunication companies, research laboratories, education systems, airline and transportation companies, banks, consulting organizations, and more. Many management positions are filled with industrial engineers, both at entry levels and later as career advancements.

Mission, Vision and Priorities

Create, acquire, assimilate, apply, and transfer knowledge for the design, analysis, improvement and implementation of complex systems that include humans, materials, equipment and other resources — the essence of industrial and systems engineering.

To be a top-ranked industrial and systems engineering department recognized for our:

  • Innovative educational curricula and learning experiences
  • Strong, balanced research program
  • Positive and diverse learning environment
  • Beneficial outreach/technology transfer activities
  • Leadership in the industrial and systems engineering profession
  • Support and reward excellence and innovation.
  • Create competencies for life-long learning.
  • Foster environments for teamwork, diversity, and good university citizenship.
  • Create partnerships with industry, government, and alumni.
  • Act with professional and ethical responsibility.
  • Advance the reputation of the industrial and systems engineering profession, the ISyE department, and the university.
  • Reinventing manufacturing
  • Reengineering healthcare
  • Inventing new industrial engineering methods
  1. Strengthen our department’s position as a leader in healthcare research.
  2. Position ourselves well to capitalize on College, regional, and national research initiatives in the manufacturing area.
  3. Adapt our undergraduate program to handle increasing enrollment, freshman admissions, and evolving technologies.

Ric Elert – President, Conversant Media

Eli Gratz – Mobile Product Manager, Avant, Inc.

Timothy Hayes – Global Director Environmental, Health & Safety, Covance

Mark Hayward – Senior Vice President of Outpatient Practice, Essentia Health

Gregory Hundt – Vice President of Sourcing and Supply Chain, CCA&B, LLC

Edward Kopetsky (chair) – Chief Information Officer, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford University

Nick Lochner – Managing Director, Accenture Management Consulting

Laura Lyons – Supply Chain Director, International Operations, 3M

Nick McDonough – Director, Strategic Planning, Aurora Health Care

Jessica Rannow – Project Manager Amerisource Bergen

Sandra Ringelstetter Ennis – Chief Operating Officer, NERA Economic Consulting

James R. Rink – Senior Manager, Global Product Realization, Advanced Components Manufacturing (ACM), Caterpillar Inc.

Nancy Spelsberg – President, BCP Transportation