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A sincere thank you to alumni, friends, and organizations for your financial contributions. Your donations provide students with funds to further their academic and research careers at UW-Madison, and help us remain one of the leading engineering departments at one of the premier educational institutions in the nation.

Your gift, no matter the size, makes a difference!

Give to:

The Engineering Physics Fund provides unrestricted gifts to the Department of Engineering Physics for discretionary use by the Department Chair.

The Max Carbon Fund will provide flexible support to the Department of Engineering Physics.

The Heat and Mass Transport Fund is to support faculty research and educational outreach pertaining to molten salt technology, advanced nuclear energy, clean energy technology, and safety analysis.

Gifts to the Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics Program Fund for flexible support of scholarships, fellowships, undergrad competitions, AIAA, middle/high school science outreach and graduate student/faculty conference travel.

American Nuclear Society Fund provides support to the American Nuclear Society student organization through discretionary funding.

The Ian M. and Victoria L. Robertson Engineering Scholarship Fund assists undergraduate students in the departments of Engineering Physics (specifically a nuclear engineering student) and Materials Science and Engineering.