Engineering Physics Department Chairs (from left to right)
Jake Blanchard (2011-2015), Max Carbon (1958-1992), Mike Corradini (2001-2011), Gil Emmert (1992-2001), Douglass Henderson (2015-Present)

Greetings to alumni and friends of the Department of Engineering Physics! The service you provide to our current and future students is inspiring. Your continued interest in the department guides us. Thank you on behalf of the entire department!

Students who graduate from our department do not end their relationship with us upon leaving our doors. You become part of a lifelong, connected community. Send us your news – or questions – anytime.

Through your gifts, we have sponsored many excellent students and faculty with scholarships, fellowships or named professorships. Just as importantly, your contributions have enabled us to nurture a spirit of lifelong community. We truly appreciate your generosity!

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On Wisconsin!

Engineers' Day 2017

Click here for a complete list of events for the 70th annual Engineers’ Day celebration on October 20, 2017!

Engineering Physics is holding a luncheon at Steenbock’s on Orchard from 12:00-1:30p, please contact if you would like to attend this event.


Join us also for a lecture by this year’s Distinguished Achievement Award recipient Adam Stelzner (PhD EM ’99):


2 p.m.—Adam Steltzner lecture

“How a rocker became a lead engineer for the Mars rover: How Curiosity changed my life and I changed hers”

1106 Mechanical Engineering Building

It really IS rocket science: Distinguished Achievement Award recipient Adam Steltzner led the team that invented, developed, tested and operated the landing system that put the Curiosity rover on Mars. Learn how this engineering mechanics PhD grad made the transition from San Francisco-area rock-and-roll band member to world-renowned NASA engineer.