Engineering Physics Department Chairs
Jake Blanchard (2011-2015), Max Carbon (1958-1992), Mike Corradini (2001-2011), Gil Emmert (1992-2001), Douglass Henderson (2015-Present)

Greetings to alumni and friends of the Department of Engineering Physics! The service you provide to our current and future students is inspiring. Your continued interest in the department guides us. Thank you on behalf of the entire department!

Students who graduate from our department do not end their relationship with us upon leaving our doors. You become part of a lifelong, connected community. Send us your news – or questions – anytime.

Through your gifts, we have sponsored many excellent students and faculty with scholarships, fellowships or named professorships. Just as importantly, your contributions have enabled us to nurture a spirit of lifelong community. We truly appreciate your generosity!

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On Wisconsin!

Engineers' Day 2016

Click here for a complete list of events for the 69th annual Engineers’ Day celebration that took place on November 11, 2016.