We focus on fostering leadership and creating engineering solutions in the fields of engineering mechanics and aerospace, engineering physics, and nuclear engineering.

Quick Facts

295 undergraduate students

  • 192 in Engineering Mechanics
  •  72  in Nuclear Engineering  
  •  31  in Engineering Physics


85 graduate students

  •  21 in Engineering Mechanics
  •  64 in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

36 undergraduate scholarships

7 graduate fellows

53 Bachelors (35 in Engineering Mechanics, 3 in Engineering Physics, and 15 in Nuclear Engineering)

18 Masters (8 in Engineering Mechanics and 10 in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics)

9 PhDs (1 in Engineering Mechanics and 8 in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics)

Instructional funds appropriated by the State of Wisconsin: $4,094,627

Capital Exercise & diversity funds provided by the University: $766,448

Research funds from the federal government: $15,869,993

Research funds from industry: $324,243

Graduate School Research Committee funds (WARF): $999,465

Fellowships from the Federal Government and Industry (not included above): $321,704

Gifts and Donations from Industry and/or Individuals: $569,700

EP internal revenue-producing activities: $543,631

Total:  $23,489,811

37 patents, 1980-2020

12 Professors

9 Assistant Professors

2 Adjunct Professors

5 Faculty Associates

1 Honorary Senior Scientist

21 Affiliate Professors


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12 Teaching Assistant Appointments

73 Research  Assistant Appointments

The Department of Engineering Physics at the UW-Madison ranks among top engineering physics departments in national surveys, consistently producing talented graduates whose skills are respected throughout the nation and the world.

The engineering mechanics program is highly ranked nationally. Both the undergraduate and graduate programs in nuclear engineering are ranked #4 in the U.S. by U.S. News and World Report.

The department is collaborating with the Departments of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering to develop new mechanics research and education initiatives across the college campus.


Faculty members who hold named professorships:

• James P. Blanchard – Duane H. and Dorothy M. Bluemke Professor

• Wendy Crone – Karen Thompson Medhi Professor

• Chris Hegna – Harvey D. Spangler Professor

• Douglass Henderson – Harvey D. Spangler Department Chair Professor

• Jacob Notbohm – Harvey D. Spangler Assistant Professor

• Carl Sovinec – Thomas and Suzanne Werner Professor

• Paul Wilson – Grainger Professor of Nuclear Engineering


Emeritus faculty members who held named professorships:

• John Conrad – Wisconsin Distinguished Professor Emeritus

• Noah Hershkowitz – Irving Langmuir Professor Emeritus

• Gerald Kulcinski – Grainger Professor Emeritus

• Greg Moses – Spangler Professor Emeritus


Faculty member who is a Wisconsin Distinguished Professor:

• Roderic S. Lakes


Faculty members who are members of the National Academy of Engineering:

• James D. Callen — Professor Emeritus

• Max Carbon — Professor Emeritus

• Michael Corradini — Wisconsin Distinguished Professor Emeritus

• Gerald L. Kulckinski — Grainger Professor Emeritus


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