Electrical & Computer Engineering Summer Launch

A smart start to your academic career

The Electrical & Computer Engineering Summer Launch program helps students like you—incoming first-year Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering students—get a head start on your degree by taking a high-demand course in the month before your freshman year.

Benefits include:

  • Starting the Electrical or Computer Engineering course progression with confidence
  • Added flexibility in your fall schedule
  • Getting to know College of Engineering facilities and resources
  • Meeting students in your program
  • Exploring the UW–Madison campus
  • Becoming familiar with Electrical and Computer Engineering and the career paths associated with these majors

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Program Snapshot
WhatElectrical and Computer Engineering Summer Launch
WhenJuly 24 - August 23, 2019
WhoIncoming first-year students in Electrical or Computer Engineering
WhyTo get a jump on your academic career
HowAttend SOAR, take a course, get to know campus and other engineering students
CostAbout $2,347 for Wisconsin residents, $4,534 for nonresidents

Program Details

The program is open to domestic students who have accepted an offer of admission to the UW–Madison College of Engineering for fall 2019, and have indicated Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering as their intended major. We also ask that participants sign a contract to live in University Housing for the 2019-20 academic year if they plan to live on campus during the program.

The program runs July 24 to August 23, 2019. You will attend Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) with the other program participants July 24-25 or July 25-26, before your courses begin on Monday, July 29. Program activities will be scheduled throughout your time on campus.

The academic program consists of ECE 210: Introductory Experience in Electrical Engineering, a two-credit course required for both the Electrical and Computer Engineering majors. You will participate in lab sections and will be expected to complete the same rigorous coursework you would in the fall or spring.

ECE 210 presents an introduction to electrical and electronic devices, circuits and systems including software and hardware focusing on a real-world project. In it, you will begin to develop important skills for your major.

By taking ECE 210 in the summer, you will complete one of the requirements for your degree early, which will give you some additional flexibility in your course progression

You will have lots of opportunities to have fun and get to know your classmates both inside and outside of the classroom. This includes experiencing campus favorites like the Terrace and Hoofers outings, and exploring Madison classics like the Dane County Farmer’s Market.

Summer Launch participants live in Kronshage Hall. Located along the UW–Madison lakeshore, this University Housing residence hall is a short walk to the College of Engineering campus. Rooms are fully furnished and have air conditioning during the program. Your roommate will be a fellow Summer Launch participant. You can move in beginning on Tuesday, July 23, before your SOAR session starts on July 24 or 25. If your parents are attending SOAR with you, they will need to find separate accommodations (the SOAR website has information about different options for them).

Near the end of the program, you will move from Kronshage Hall to your assigned University Housing location for the 2019-20 academic year. This will happen before most other students arrive on campus. Program participants who live on campus during the program are required to sign a contract to live in University Housing for the 2019-20 academic year.

Students with a binding Academic Year 2019-20 University Housing contract who rank Kronshage as their #1 preference by the hall preferences due date of May 1st may be able to keep their same room from the Summer Launch program for the Academic Year 2019-20. More information on the hall preferences process can be found on the University Housing website.

You will be able to use your Wiscard to pay for food during the program, and you can choose how much money you put on your Wiscard for this purpose. You may purchase food at several different locations across campus. For more information about dining on campus, see the University Housing dining page.

The estimates below are provided for planning purposes and are subject to minor variations as final summer 2019 tuition and fee information becomes available in the spring.

A limited number of program scholarships are available. To be considered for a scholarship, submit your program application by April 15, 2019 and select the checkbox indicating you would like to be considered for scholarships.

Wisconsin resident Nonresident
Tuition & fees $1,087 $3,274
Course materials $50 $50
Housing $735 $735
Total direct program costs $1,872 $4,059
Estimated dining costs
(paid separately through Wiscard)
$475 $475
Total, including dining estimate $2,347 $4,534


Some students may also be eligible for financial aid during the program. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid with any questions.

Thank you for your interest in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Launch program for summer 2019!

Only domestic freshmen who have been offered fall admission in the College of Engineering at UW-Madison are eligible to apply to participate.

Students can apply now through the online application. Applications are due by May 1, 2019. Students wishing to be considered for scholarships should apply by April 15, 2019.

Students should accept their offer of admission to UW-Madison before completing the Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Launch application. 

Students will be notified about the status of their application within two weeks of applying.

Is SOAR included in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Launch program?

Yes, SOAR is part of Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Launch. Summer Launch participants will attend SOAR before their course begins, and will stay in their program housing in Kronshage Hall during SOAR. You are welcome to have parents or guests attend SOAR with you, but they will need to find their own overnight accommodation.

Is placement testing included in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Launch program?

No, placement testing is not included in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Launch program. Participants will need to complete any placement testing before they attend the program. More information on placement testing is available on the SOAR and Testing and Evaluation Services websites.

Do I need a certain math placement to participate in the program?

To take ECE 210, you must demonstrate advanced math competence, by having completed algebra or trigonometry, or achieving a suitable placement score. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your mathematical preparation for the program.

Can I work while enrolled in Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Launch?

We do not recommend it. This program is fast-paced and will require a significant time commitment every day. In addition to spending time in lecture, discussion, and lab, you will have homework to complete outside of class.

Can I take another course while enrolled in this program?

No. This program should be considered a full-time academic commitment.

How will I find out if I’m accepted?

You will be notified at the email address provided on your application, so please provide an email address that you check regularly. You will hear from us within two weeks after we receive your application.

Have a question not answered here?  Contact us at ECESummerLaunch@wisc.edu.