Susan Hagness

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the UW-Madison where we have a long tradition of excellence in educating, mentoring, and inspiring future leaders, conducting research that is of vital importance to society, and serving Wisconsin, our nation, and the world through professional pursuits. Our innovative ECE undergraduate and graduate programs – as well as our research activities – have been nationally recognized year-after-year, and our alumni have an extensive track record of making a positive difference in the world.

In ECE you’ll have the opportunity to learn from internationally renowned faculty who not only engage students in the classroom through high-impact teaching methods, but also lead pioneering research endeavors. Our faculty, staff, and current students are working together to address some of the most complex societal challenges in achieving sustainable electrical energy solutions, new technologies that advance human health, and enhanced security in our digitally networked world – just to name a few. Opportunities outside of the classroom to participate in student organizations, internships, co-ops, and research will expand your knowledge through new avenues for interdisciplinary learning. You’ll experience the power of collaboration across disciplines, across colleges, across industries.

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Susan C. Hagness

Philip Dunham Reed Professor and Chair