Water Resources Engineering and Science

water resources engineering and science researchThe two primary foci of the Water Resources Engineering and Science group are hydrology and environmental/ecological fluid mechanics with particular strengths in water sustainability; computational fluid mechanics; flow, mixing and thermal structure of lakes; stochastic hydrology; groundwater hydrology; engineering hydraulics; stream and wetland restoration; stormwater management; and hydroecology.  The group investigates applied and theoretical problems in both the built and natural environments.  Field methods, laboratory experiments, remote-sensing techniques, numerical modeling, statistical modeling, and analytic approaches are combined to address scientific and engineering questions leading to better water resource management, a better interface between the built and natural environments, and more sustainable use of water resources.


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Post-doctoral students and researchers

  • Eric Booth
  • Solomon Erkyihun

Research groups and programs

Research groups

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Current projects

Groundwater-forest interactions during drought in temperate forests across scales:
Principal Investigators: Steve Loheide and Phil Townsend
Sponsor: National Science Foundation, Hydrologic Sciences Program

Linking groundwater and nutrients to monitor fen ecosystems using airborne imaging spectroscopy
Principal Investigator: Eric Booth and Steve Loheide
Sponsor: WI Groundwater Coordinating Council
07/01/2017- 06/30/2019

Exploratory Research: Transport and Transformation of Particulate Organic Matter in Permeable Riverbed Sediments
Principal Investigator: Matt Ginder-Vogel, Eric Roden and Steve Loheide
Sponsor: Department of Energy

Developing Scenario Models to Analyze Impacts of Groundwater Withdrawal on Calcareous Fens
Principal Investigator: Steve Loheide and David Bart
Sponsor: Environmental Protection Agency

The hydrologic and ecologic effects of green infrastructure within urban coastal catchments
Principal Investigator: Steve Loheide
Sponsor: SeaGrant

Web-based Stochastic Storm Transposition Toolkit for Physically-based Rainfall and Flood Hazard Analysis
Principal Investigator: Daniel Wright, Kathleen Holman
Sponsor: Bureau of Reclamation

Evaluating Satellite Rainfall Extremes in Complex Terrain for Landslide Hazards Applications
Principal Investigator: Daniel Wright, Dalia Kirschbaum
Sponsor: NASA
April 2016-March 2019

Collaborative Research:

New knowledge from the global lake ecological observatory network
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu and Paul Hanson
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Application and Demonstration of Floating Bog Interceptors (FBIs) for Cherokee Marsh Restoration
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu
Sponsor: Dane County, Wisconsin

Yahara Clean Water Initiatives
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu
Sponsor: Dane County, Wisconsin

INFOS for WINgra Best Management Plan (WIN-BMP)
Principal Investigator: Chin Wu
Sponsor: City of Madison