Environmental Chemistry and Technology

environmental chemistry and technologyThe Environmental Chemistry and Technology area occupies administrative, instructional, and research space in the Water Science and Engineering Laboratory. The research areas, including trace element and mercury clean laboratories, are designed for research in aquatic chemistry, air pollution chemistry, and environmental technology. Shop facilities (electronics/mechanical) allow fabrication of specialized equipment tailored to the particular field and laboratory research needs. Other specialized facilities include areas for investigations of air pollution chemistry, ceramic membrane technologies, hazardous material remediation, and development of energy storage devices.

Besides the Water Science and Engineering Laboratory, students have access to laboratories in the departments of Soil Science, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Geoscience, Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Center for Limnology, and the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene.

Core Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

Emeritus Faculty


Research areas

  1. Development of advanced technologies and materials for air pollution control
  2. Soil and sediment remediation
  3. Environmental technology
  4. Chemical limnology
  5. Groundwater chemistry