Master’s Programs

The department offers several options for graduate programs leading to the Master of Science (MS) degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geological Engineering, and Environmental Chemistry and Technology as well as a Master of Engineering degree in Environmental Engineering. The master’s program emphasizes the enhancement of professional knowledge and skills, including research techniques.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers several different in-residence programs as well the Online Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering. Options are outlined below.

In Residence Programs

Our in residence programs are completed by students on campus at UW-Madison. We have several degree options that offer both thesis and no-thesis options. The following programs are typically two-year programs:

We also offer six professional masters programs which can be completed in one year. These course-focused masters programs are intended to be completed in 12 months starting only in the fall semester. Students in these programs will not be eligible for TA, RA, and PA positions or a thesis. This is a coursework ONLY degree. We are offering the following accelerated masters programs:

Click here for more information on our professional masters program.

Our department is also affiliated with the interdisciplinary Freshwater and Marine Sciences Masters Program.

Online Master of Engineering

The online Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering is designed for today’s practicing environmental engineers and can be earned completely online while working full-time. Click here for more information about the Online Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering program.