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Could yesterday’s Earth contain clues for making tomorrow’s medicines?

Several billion years ago, as the recently formed planet Earth cooled down from a long and brutal period of heavy meteor bombardment, pools of primordial…

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// Biomedical Engineering, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Students find inspiration, support in UW–Madison’s stem cell community

When Kaivalya Molugu was considering graduate schools, she knew she was interested in stem cell research, but she had to decide where to apply. The…

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Leveraging AI to monitor exposure to air contaminants

Monitoring air contaminant exposure is vital in ongoing efforts to detect the presence of dangerous chemicals and understand how urban pollution affects human health. [caption…

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Special Events and Seminars

 2018 Olaf Hougen Lecture Series


Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos

Distinguished Professor
Robert and Marcy Haber Endowed Professor in Energy Sustainability
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Tufts University, Medford, MA

Lecture 1: Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018
Seminar Reception: 3:30-4:00 pm  |  Cheney Room/1413 Engineering Hall
Lecture: 4:00-5:00 pm  |  Room 1610, Engineering Hall
Lecture 1 Abstract

Lecture 2: Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018
Seminar Reception: 3:30-4:00 pm  |  Cheney Room/1413 Engineering Hall
Lecture: 4:00-5:00 pm  |  Room 1610, Engineering Hall
Lecture 2 Abstract


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