Biomedical Engineering Outreach Programs


To increase student awareness of society’s biomedical needs and the role of engineers in providing life-saving technological solutions, especially targeting populations underrepresented  in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

BME Senior Outreach

A team of UW-Madison Biomedical Engineering seniors present class-period long, active learning learning sessions that convey applications of engineering principles to solve biomedical problems.


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Diversity Outreach Sponsors

Grant #1651645

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Dr. Tracy Jane Puccinelli
2158 Engineering Centers Building
1550 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706






Prof. Randolph Ashton
4168 Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
330 N. Orchard St.
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 316-4312




Community Outreach-- Freshman Engineering Projects

Approximately half of our engineering freshmen take a hands-on design course called Design Practicum (Inter Egr 170).  Design Practicum provides an overview of engineering and hands-on engineering design.  The course includes team-based design projects with real clients from our community, and an introduction to computer tools and lab techniques.

We are always looking for new projects in the Madison area for our students!  If you are interested, please click below to see more information regarding requirements for projects and to submit project requests.  Also, please see below for examples of past projects.

See some of our freshman engineering project summaries here!

Please note:

    • Design Practicum is a hands-on freshman engineering design course
    • Design Practicum (InterEgr170) meets for one semester only
    • The project should be an engineering problem and should have components that students can creatively design
    • Students need to be able to design, test and present their project within 15 weeks
    • Clients need to provide funding to cover the costs of materials and fabrication.   (some exceptions allowed in cases of extreme need and when we have available funds)
    • Project teams are comprised of ~8 first-year engineering students
    • Students enjoy projects that make a difference in people’s lives
    • Clients need to be available to meet with students during the first or second week of the semester
    • Clients need to be available for students’ questions as they develop their project
    • Clients are asked to attend the preliminary presentation and final class in which students present their project
    • There is no guarantee of a “perfect” prototype


To ensure consideration for an upcoming semester, please submit within one month prior to the start of the semester.  (However, please submit anytime)  There is no guarantee your project will be selected. If your project is not chosen it will remain on our list. Please contact us if you wish to be removed. Please feel free to upload projects anytime throughout the year.

Direct questions to Dr. Tracy Jane Puccinelli

Project request Form