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Undergraduate Learning Center
College of Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rm 405 Wendt Commons
215 Randall Avenue
Madison, WI 53706


Kathy Prem, Interim Director
Undergraduate Learning Center
Rm 407 Wendt Commons
Tel: 608/265-1099


Nanthanat Tongdaeng (Eve)
Academic Support Coordinator
Rm 411 Wendt Commons
Tel: 608/890-2511



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Tutor Dane Wudal helps EMA 201 students during a Drop-In Tutoring session on the 4th floor of Wendt Library.

Tutor Dane helps EMA 201 students during a Drop-In Tutoring session on the 4th floor of Wendt Library.

About us

The Undergraduate Learning Center (ULC) provides tutoring and academic support programs for undergraduates interested in studying engineering.  Our programs focus on supporting challenging courses that students take to qualify for entrance into an engineering department.  The ULC also provides support in select core engineering, math, statistics and science courses.  The ULC is a place where students study, form study groups, and discuss engineering concepts and problem solving strategies with their peers and with the tutors.

Our Services

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is a free tutoring service open to any student enrolled in a course covered by our tutors. See the drop-in tutoring schedule for open tutoring times in over 40 math, science, and engineering courses.


Supplemental Instruction (SI)

The SI program is an academic support program for EMA 201, EMA 202, ME 240, Physics 201, and Physics 202. Each session is led by an undergraduate student and held twice a week. Find more information and a schedule on our supplemental instruction page.


Tutoring By Request (TBR)

A program that allows authorized students to obtain one-on-one help. Check our Tutoring by Request page for details.


Group Tutoring

A new program where tutors and students meet in a group setting on a regular basis. Groups are formed on the ULC (Undergraduate Learning Center) Facebook Page and once a group is ready to meet, a tutor will join the session to help answer questions. More information to come.