COE team to develop monitoring device for chemical or biological warfare agents

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Photo of Amit Lal.

Assistant Professor Amit Lal
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Assistant Professor Amit Lal will lead a new DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) funded research effort focused on novel microfluidic technologies for sampling and analyzing biofluids. The goal of the research is to develop a wristwatch-like sampling system that can monitor the immune system against possible chemical or biological warfare agents. The main theme is to use ultrasonic energy gradients to manipulate liquids, a technology under development in the UW SonicMEMS (micro electrical mechanical systems) laboratory. Other investigators include engineering physics Associate Professor James Blanchard, chemical engineering Howard Curler Distinguished Professor Juan de Pablo, chemical engineering Associate Professor Michael Graham, ECE Assistant Professor Yogesh Gianchandani, and ECE Associate Professor Daniel van der Weide. In addition, UW Medical School faculty and industrial partners will participate. The $1.7 million contract will fund the project for three years.