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Engineering Beyond Boundaries


About EB²


EB² for you, the undergraduate engineering student

Engineering Beyond Boundaries, or EB², is transforming the way we educate you. What does that mean for you? It means preparing you for the world you are entering — not the world that was. It means broadening your perspectives. It means innovative teaching. It means learning to engineer solutions to the world’s largest problems.

You will gain unique experience that can help you be a more valuable and more successful engineer. That’s the kind of engineer who can think innovatively and take the lead in solving complex challenges — for example, developing new alternative energy generation and transmission technologies, protecting and restoring our natural resources, or pioneering medical advances that improve patient care. And, you’ll be prepared to do these things in Green Bay, New York, Paris, Shanghai — or anywhere around the world.

Through this forward-thinking approach to your engineering education,
you will gain:

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  • Modern technical expertise in your discipline
  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Opportunities to interact with and to solve problems with people from many disciplines and cultures
  • A broader perspective on engineering as it relates to society and culture
  • An ethic of service to the engineering profession and to society
  • A passion for lifelong learning