Badgers go big at 2016 GeoChicago conference

// Civil & Environmental Engineering

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The GeoChicago conference held in August 2016 in Chicago, Illinois brought together geotechnical-focused engineers from across the world, prompting a dialogue on sustainability, energy and the geoenvironment. Held by the Geo-Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the event featured special lectures, encouraged networking and allowed engineers to exhibit their research.

UW-Madison engineers gave more than 16 presentations at the conference, making a “huge splash,” says Bill Likos, professor and director of the geological engineering program.

Presentations documented ongoing research and student activities, allowing visitors to see the excellence of the program firsthand. “I was proud to be part of the UW family,” says Idil Deniz Akin, a geological engineering PhD student.

At the event, Akin gave the presentation, “Water vapor sorption of polymer-modified bentonites,” which was about developing alternative sorption-based screening tests for the chemical compatibility of geosynthetic clay liners.

The event united Badger alumni, graduate students, visiting scholars and professors, boasting 27 UW-Madison representatives total—probably the largest appearance by any group at the event.

Author: Lexy Brodt