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Bollinger Academic Staff Distinguished Achievement Award

This award was established to formally recognize the outstanding contributions to the College of Engineering made by members of the academic staff. These staff members make tremendous contributions to the college's operations, research and teaching efforts.

The award is made possible by a fund established at the UW Foundation in honor of Charlotte and Elroy Bollinger, who dedicated their lives to excellence in education and strongly believed in service. Their fond memories of the University of Wisconsin-Madison attribute this great institution with providing the start to careers of lifelong learning and dedicated service.

  • 2015   Kathy Prem, Interim Director, Undergraduate Learning Center, and Associate Director, Engineering Career Services
  • 2014   Haile Berhe, Distinguished Researcher, Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies
  • 2013   Janet Fredrick, Senior Administrative Program Specialist, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • 2012   Kumar Sridharan, Distinguished Research Professor, Engineering Physics
  • 2011   Todd A. Ninman, Senior Information Processing Consultant, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • 2010   Laura R. Grossenbacher, Associate Faculty Associate and Director, Technical Communication Program
  • 2009   Jeffrey R. Stevens, Senior Broadcast Specialist, Engineering Media Services
  • 2008   Kelly R. Burton, Senior Student Services Coordinator, Graduate Engineering Research Scholars
  • 2007   Ann E. Morris, Director of Transfer Admissions Programs, Engineering General Resources
  • 2006   Donald C. Woolston, Assistant Dean, Engineering General Resources
  • 2005   Glenn R. Bower, Faculty Associate, Department of Mechanical Engineering 
  • 2004   Thomas J. Murray, Director Emeritus, Kurt F. Wendt Library
  • 2003   Mark Swandby, Administrator, Department of Engineering Physics
  • 2002   Leonard F. Black, Director, Wisconsin TechSearch, Kurt F. Wendt Library 
  • 2001   Donna M. Lewis, Administrator, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 2000   Jay M. Samuel, Senior Lecturer, Departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
  • 1999   Karen A. Walsh, Director, Engineering Communications Office
  • 1998   Igor N. Sviatoslavsky, Senior Scientist, Department of Engineering Physics
  • 1997   Sandra Shaw Courter, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Engineering Professional Development
  • 1996   Enid R. Simon, Senior Academic Librarian, Kurt F. Wendt Library
  • 1995   Richard J. Casper, Instrumentation Engineer, Materials Science Center
  • 1994   Sandra L. Arnn, Director, Engineering Career Services
  • 1993   Robert F. Perras, Director, Engineering Audiovisual Services
  • 1992   Robert J. Sandberg, Manager, Mechanical Engineering Service Facilities
  • 1991   Richard J. Cashwell, Senior Lecturer, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics
  • 1990   Clayton O. Smith, Assistant Dean of Research
  • 1989   Ednor M. Rowe, Associate Director, Synchrotron Radiation Center