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2009 faculty and staff awards


College of Engineering faculty and staff awards for 2009 were presented at the fifth annual Spring Appreciation Celebration held May 5. Recipients of the College of Engineering annual awards each receive privately funded stipends and permanent recognition on a plaque in Engineering Hall. Each winner is chosen by a committee of his or her peers.

Photo of Katherine (Trina) McMahon. 
The Benjamin Smith Reynolds Award for Excellence in Teaching
Katherine (Trina) McMahon

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Katherine (Trina) McMahon’s colleagues regard her as a world-class researcher who, with infectious excitement about the material, masterfully integrates relevant research content and concepts into carefully conceived courses. BIO

Photo of Juan J. de Pablo.
The Byron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication 
Juan J. de Pablo

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Through a series of nine research articles — each one of which colleagues worldwide consider a ‘landmark’ publication — Howard Curler Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering Juan de Pablo has demonstrated unprecedented advances in developing powerful computational methods that enable researchers to conduct molecular simulations of complex fluids.BIO

Photo of Michael Plesha.
James G. Woodburn Award for Excellence in Teaching 
Michael E. Plesha

Engineering Physics 

Engineering Physics Professor Michael Plesha wrote the book — literally — on statics. (It’s called Engineering Mechanics: Statics; McGraw-Hill, 2009, with co-authors G.L. Gray and F. Costanzo.) But he didn’t stop there. BIO

Photo of Paul Voyles.
Harvey Spangler Award for Technology-Enhanced Instruction 
Paul Voyles

 Materials Science and Engineering

When he saw a need for real-world examples to help students bridge the gap between theory and application, Materials Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Paul Voyles provided them — by building an online database of real, raw research data. BIO

Photo of Jeffrey Stevens. The Bollinger Academic Staff Distinguished Achievement Award
 Jeffrey R. Stevens

 Engineering Media Services

Whenever a technology need arises, faculty, staff and students know whom to call: Jeff Stevens. Nearly everyone who has ever used a lecture hall or planned an event within the College of Engineering has benefited from his technological expertise. For 25 years, Stevens has enabled multimedia applications in the classroom, from overhead projectors and transparencies in the 1980s to PowerPoint and video webcasts today. His resourcefulness, knowledge and energy drive multimedia applications from day-to-day lectures and meetings to campus events. BIO 

Photo of John Cannon.
Classified Staff Distinguished Achievement Award
John T. Cannon

Chemical and Biological Engineering

It might be an understatement to call John Cannon a jack of all trades. A fixture in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering for more than a quarter-century, Cannon is an advanced instrument-maker and manages the departmental instrument shop. Yet, his experience and patience make him equally valuable as a mentor to undergraduate and graduate students in the dep artment. “John has built on his background knowledge of the chemical and biological sciences, his expert machinist skills, and his ability to effectively guide students in order to contribute to the safe and efficient operation of our laboratories and the education of our students in unique and valuable ways,” says Chemical and Biological Engineering Harvey D. Spangler Professor and Chair Michael Graham. BIO