Grainger Power Engineering Awards Program

The Grainger Foundation has established a major award program for UW-Madison students who are citizens and legal permanent residents of USA to recognize their scholarly achievement in the field of electric power engineering.

Grainger Power Engineering Awards for undergraduate and graduate students are supported by a grant from the Grainger Foundation, Lake Forest, Illinois. The foundation, established in 1949 by Mr. and Mrs. William Wallace Grainger, has provided substantive support over the years to a broad range of organizations, including museums and educational, medical, and human services institutions. David W. Grainger, President of The Grainger Foundation, received his BS in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1950.

Grainger Power Engineering honors are awarded in three categories.

Grainger undergraduate student award

Eligible students for this award must be Bachelor’s degree candidates from the College of Engineering who are specializing in the field of power engineering as demonstrated through their outstanding performance in ECE 355 or ECE 356 or through their enrollment and performance in ECE 411, ECE 412 or ECE 427. Award qualifications are evaluated during the fall semester.

Grainger graduate student fellowship

Eligible graduate students for this fellowship must be (1) pursuing a Ph.D. degree at the UW-Madison, (2) advised by faculty in the area of Energy & Power Systems, and (3) successfully completed their PhD Preliminary exam. Scholarship qualifications are evaluated during the Fall semester following the students’ successful completion of their PhD Preliminary exam.

Grainger undergraduate research fellowship

Eligible undergraduate students must be B.S. degree students who are conducting undergraduate research advised by Energy and Power Systems faculty, and registering under appropriate courses (ECE 399, ECE 491, etc).

Apply for the Grainger undergraduate research fellowship

Application deadline: Last class day



The Grainger Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships in Electric Power Engineering provide opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research and collaborate with faculty or research/instructional academic staff in the field of Electric Power Engineering.



The student researcher receives $4,000, and faculty/staff research advisor receives $1,000 to help defray the costs of the research (e.g., supplies, expenses, faculty or student travel involved in the project). Up to 8 Grainger Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships are made each year.


Conditions of the Award: Award recipients must:

  • Register for three credits of supervised research, senior thesis or directed study during the summer or academic year following the receipt of the award. This must be done prior to graduation.
  • Submit a research report of approximately 500 to 1,000 words and a supporting poster upon completion of research.


  • At least junior standing at time of application
  • Plan to be enrolled during the academic period of work
  • Plan collaborative research project with a faculty member in the area of Energy and Power Systems faculty or research/instructional academic staff
  • Research proposals must have a Power Engineering focus


Selection Criteria:
A selection committee will review all proposals.

  • Quality of research proposal
  • Originality and intellectual significance of research


Please note: Previous student recipients of a Grainger Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowship may not apply for a second award of the same type. Faculty/staff members may sponsor no more than one student project/year. A research project is not eligible if supported by any other undergraduate grant.


Application Process:


  • Please submit four copies of project proposal of no more than three double-spaced pages with the qualification form as cover page. All proposals should contain:
    • —An abstract of the proposed research (200 words or less)
    • —Literature review, detailing the originality and significance of the proposed project
    • —Methods section, describing plans for data collection and analysis
    • —Timeline for completion of project
    • —References
  • Application materials should be submitted to 2559B, Engineering Hall by the last class day of the spring or fall semester preceding the proposed research work.

Past Grainger Power Engineering Award Recipients

At UW-Madison, we are at the forefront of the scientific, economic, social and policy aspects of energy research in this country, and we approach this research with a collaborative, cross-disciplinary perspective. We listen to the needs of our partners in industry, and many of our power engineering students have found tremendous value in the internships or co-operative work experiences they have had in power engineering. Others cite their experiences with WEMPEC and its sponsors as instrumental in shaping their educational and career paths.

We pride ourselves on providing our power engineering students a world-class education that doesn’t just leave them with theory, but actually delivers hands-on experiences that will serve them well as you begin your professional careers. Throughout your education, our students also have helped shape the cutting-edge power engineering research we are known around the world for. The following award recipients are among our brightest, most motivated, most creative students.

Past Award Recipients

Undergraduate recipients: Andrew Kruck, Nathan Petersen, Noah Rhodes, Joseph Wasserman, Zachary Scott Wesson

Graduate-student recipients: Adria Brooks, Skyler S. Hagen, Timothy A. Polom, Timothy S. Slininger

Read the award recipients’ bios in a PDF of the awards banquet booklet.

Undergraduate recipients: Derek Burling, Charles Davis, Michael DeVito, James Gerdes Jr., Eric Jochman, Brian Kuehni, Eric Memmel, Colton Robach, Andrew Stuhr, Mitchell Trotman

Graduate-student recipient: Andy Schroedermeier

Read the award recipients’ bios in a PDF of the awards banquet booket.

View photos from the 2018 banquet (on Box).

View video of the banquet.

Undergraduate recipients: Joel Cruvant, Jake Cummins, Thomas Cunniff, Nicholas Dunn, Daniel Eckerson, Jonathan Herzog, Gabriel Kinzer, Andrew Lueneburg, Samuel Mattison, Matthew Smuda, Jay Zoborowski.

Graduate-level recipients: Kevin Frankforter, Philip Hart, Ryan Knippel, Michael Rios

Read the award recipients’ bios in a PDF of the awards banquet booklet.

View photos from the 2017 banquet (on Box ).

View video of the banquet.

Undergraduate recipients:
Steve Bye, Matthew Doran, Alexander Klintworth, Joel Neher, Eric Nipko, Hayden Peterson, Joseph Snodgrass, Timothy Stone, Eden Werner.

Graduate-level recipients: Vishram Deshpande, Seth McElhinney, Adam Shea.

Read the award recipients’ bios in a PDF of the awards banquet booklet.

View video of the 2016 banquet.

Scenes from the 2016 Banquet (Photography: )

Undergraduate recipients:
Al-Yaman Amer, Michael J. Beeler, Drake Cushman, Robert Paul Erickson, Rachel L. Hoener, Jarek Kobor, Megan Larson, Peter Klaus Meyer, Maxwell S. Schweiner, James A. Swanke III, Ivan Welander.

Graduate-level recipients:
Hilary E. Brown, Brent S. Gagas.

Read the award recipients’ bios in a PDF of the awards banquet booklet.

Video of the 2015 Banquet

Scenes from the 2015 Banquet (Photography: Nick Berard)

Undergraduate recipients:
Jesse Bray, Ethan Calder, Abelardo Saul Garcia, Dayna Hashemi, Garett Klingbeil, Mitchell C. Marks, Eric R. Nigh and Zachary Potratz.

Graduate-level recipients:
Vikas Dawar, Phil John Kollmeyer, James McFarland, Caleb W. Secrest.

Read the award recipients’ bios in a PDF of the awards banquet booklet.

Scenes from the 2014 Banquet (Photography: Nick Berard)

Undergraduate recipients:
Calvin Cherry (also a research fellowship recipient), Joseph Goldman, Paul Halstead, Ryan Hay, Elizabeth Hill, Ryan McMahon, Mary Murphy, Jordan Vanevenhoven, Marcus Weber.

Graduate-level recipients:
Robert Cuzner, Larry Juang.

Read the award recipients’ bios in a PDF of the awards banquet booklet.

Scenes from the 2013 Banquet (Photography: Eric Tadsen)

Undergraduate recipients:
Erik Aiken, Christopher Brennan, Lauren Brzozowski, Matthew Groff, Alex DeHaai, Michael Krasniansky, Kevin Maddocks, Zachary Michiels, Joseph Schultz, Jeremy Voigt, Kenton Yeates.

Graduate-level recipients:
Seth Avery, Alex Borden, Fatou Thiam.

Read the award recipients’ bios in a PDF of the awards banquet booklet.

Scenes from the 2012 Banquet (Photography: Nick Berard)

Undergraduate recipients:
Mark Andrie, Brian Bradley, Steven Hanson, Jonathan Jaeger, Dalin Kim, James Thomas, Benjamin Weight.

Graduate-level recipients:
Daniel Molzahn, Justin Reed, Andy Rockhill, Pat Schneider, Jennifer Vining.

Undergraduate recipients:
Syed N. Akhtar, Jeremy Bricco, James Bukacek, Anthony Di Loreto, Daniel Dunar, Jacob Fritz, Randy Johanning, Craig E. Mitchell Jr., Kevin Olikara, Bemjamin Tesch, Paul White.

Graduate-level recipients:
Micah Erickson, Daniel Ludois, Christopher Wolf.

Scenes from the 2010 Banquet (Photography: Nick Berard)

Undergraduate recipients:
Adam Anders, 
Zeb Breuckman, 
Jeffrey Gobeli, 
Marcus Hammonds, 
Adam Hughes, 
Jonathan Lee, 
Andrew Redon, 
Robert Sandy, 
Brenton Smith.

Undergraduate recipients:
James Matthew Burton, 
Matthew Edward Endres, 
Jonathan Wayne Hart, 
Daniel Kenneth Molzahn, 
David Morgan Nosbusch, 
Jonah Christopher Paul, 
Michael Jon Schlindwein, 
Eric Raymond Vanderzanden, 
William Haviland Young IV.

Undergraduate recipients:
James Brandt, 
Patrick Jehring, 
Randolph McHugh 
Gregory, McMahon 
Matthew Newman, 
Sarah Smith, 
Matthew Waldron, 
James Walker.

Graduate-level recipients:
Joel Berry, 
Daniel Bocci, 
Nathaniel Brown, 
Daniel Chéverez-González, 
Eric Fleming, 
Jerrod Nelson, 
Justin Reed, 
Jonathan Rose, 
Patrick Schneider, 
Matthew Spencer, 
Daniel Springmann 
Onur Usmen, 
Jennifer Vining.

Undergraduate recipients:
Rachell Diana Goetz, 
Robert Wallace Hejny, 
David Carl Herzog, 
Phillip John Kollmeyer, 
Patrick Erik Schneider, 
Daniel Mark Springmann, 
Jeremiah Luke Stokdyk, 
Corey Robert Wagner, 
Gregory J. Weichman.

Graduate-level recipients:
Marc Andrew Bouton, 
Neal D. Clements, 
Christoffer Steven Fox, 
Joshua Donald Kagerbauer, 
Nicholas Allen Lemberg, 
Darren Dale Tremelling, 
Nathan Thomas West, Steven J. Fredette, 
Erik R. Olson, 
Daniel M. Saban.

Undergraduate recipients:
Kurt J. Atwood , Alexis R. Briesemeister, Nicholas W. Graan, Leslie Cullen Harsh, Stephanie L. Koch, Michael A. Kopczynski, Curtis A. Roe, Shane L. Shafer, Steven M. Tautges, Richard G. Thimm.

Graduate-level recipients:
Steven G. Almquist, Travis B. Bashaw, James W. Claerbout, Chris J. Courtney, Derek R. Hochstetler, Daniel R. Luedtke, Mark D. Putnam, Michael C. Harke.

Undergraduate recipients:
Nathaniel Robert Brown, Daniel Gutzke, Joshua Donald Kagerbauer, Michael Gene Motkowski, Tyler Lenn Perry, Brandon Joseph Pierquet, Kevin Michael Resch, Chris Mark Streufert, Paul Michael Van Opens, Nathan Thomas West, Jonathan David Zenker.

Graduate-level recipients:
Jeffrey Joseph Connors, David Khosrow Farnia, Jesse Neal Krase, Mark Allen Spickard, Hong-Yue Tang, Ricky James White, Jared Francis Winters.

Undergraduate recipients:
Joel Martin Berry, David Khosrow Farnia, Melissa Jean Kohtala, Nicholas Allen Lemberg, Robert Ervin Malsack, Ryan Daniel Nowak, Ryan Michael Rudnitzki, Neil C. Smits, Daniel Phillip Statz, Sean C. Zieth.

Graduate-level (MS) recipients:
Mary Bernadette Cain, Patrick Stephen Flannery, Scott Edward McPherren, Jerry Allen Rudiak, Daniel Michael Saban, Michael James Schmitt.

Graduate-level (PhD) recipients:
Ashish Ramesh Bendre, Eric Lyons Benedict, Frederick David Kieferndorf, John L. Lahti, Glen Andrew Luckjiff.

Undergraduate recipients:
Dustin C. Blotz, Jason M. Helgren, Joshua L. Hemstreet, Christian Hirthe, Kevin D. Krause, David M. Meinholz, Robert W. Scholl, Peter P. Vitko.

Graduate-level recipients:
Theodore P. Bohn, Ian P. Brown, Michael F. Cash, Christopher K. Houle, Nathan E. Lebens, Jody J. Nelson, Erik R. Olson, Charles J. Romenesko, Brian Welchko.

Undergraduate recipients:
Dennis E. Columb, Kevin Keene, Amy L. Kuester, Gregory D. Martin, Kurt E. Mathson, Kristopher E. Nordlund, Benjamin M. Schumacher.

Graduate-level (MS) recipients:
James A. Buerosse, Nathan C. Harris, Dustin A. Murdock, Jonathan Nord, David Oteman, Eric L. Schlevensky.

Graduate-level (PhD) recipients:
Barbara H. Kenny, Tod R. Tesch.

Undergraduate recipients:
Michael F. Cash, Jerome T. Gohre, Timothy A. Kopacz, David J. Krahn, Jesse N. Krase, Nathan E. Lebens, Jill M. Muller, Jody J. Nelson, Troy A. Nergaard, David J. Schutt, Aaron B. Size.

Graduate-level recipients:
Eric A. Carter, Stephen W. Fusi, Jason J. Hartwig, Paul A. Mezs, Benjamin R. Razidlo, Clarissa M. Thomas, Allen E. Windhorn.

Undergraduate recipients:
Gary M. Hong, William R. Kranz, Dustin A. Murdock, John F. Murphy, Matthew G. Pelletier, Matthew P. Werner.

Graduate-level recipients:
Eric R. Benedict, Mark G. Dollevoet, John C. Garstka, Michael C. Harke, Jeffrey J. Nasadoski, Oliver Y. Peterson, Andrew A. Rockhill, John H. Sorebo, Christopher W. Turner, Herman L.N. Wiegman.

Undergraduate recipients:
Joel D. Heyn, Ronald J. Koch, Walter A. Laskowski, Jennifer A. Leweling, Charles J. Romenesko.

Graduate-level (MS) recipients:
Robert Bettendorf, David Hyypio, Frederick Kieferndorf, Chad M. Licht, Mark C. Sevey, Michael R. Shannon.

Graduate-level (PhD) recipients:
Roy I. Davis, Michael W. Degner, Scott Greene, Alexander L. Julian, Nick J. Nagel.

Undergraduate recipients:
Theodore P. Bohn, Michael T. Driessen, Jason M. Feit, Benjamin J. Peirce, Donald J. Truettner, Edward J. Yock, Kurt Jaeger, Vivek Karandikar, Kevin L. Payette, Jerry A. Putman, Neil H. Tice, James E. Walters, Craig R. Winterhalter.

Graduate-level recipients:
William E. Brumsickle, Clark G. Hochgraf, Michael J. Ryan.