Drop-in Tutoring

ULC Summer Tutoring

Summer Hours: 6:30PM – 9:00PM, Monday – Thursday
Location: ONLINE

Drop-in tutoring is a free tutoring service for over 50 engineering, math and science courses. Come in to work on homework with classmates and to ask tutors questions when you have difficulty with problems. Drop-in tutoring is a great place to make new friends among your classmates and to form study groups.

Summer Online Tutoring: June 16 – August 6

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Drop-in tutoring is free and open to students who are enrolled in courses the ULC offers.

  • Students attend tutoring on days of their choice, based on the classes offered for each day.
  • Students should bring Wiscards with them to check in for tutoring by the front desk near the entrance of tutoring space. Only students that have checked in may receive tutoring.
  • Room assignments for classes are posted on the Drop-in schedule on the website, as well as on a white board at the front desk.

Tutors are only prepared to help with courses they have been assigned to tutor. Students may come to Drop-in and ask questions about other courses, but there is no guarantee the tutor can help with courses they are not as familiar with.

If there is a course the ULC does not currently offer that you would like to see being offered, please email suggestions to

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Go to Working for the ULC on the Undergraduate Learning Center homepage, where there will be a link to the application and job description. For more information, contact Eve Williams at