InterEGR 150 – PrEPS Lab Sessions (formerly SI)

The College of Engineering maintains the PrEPS (Practicing Engineering Problem Solving) academic support program to help students succeed in foundational courses that have traditionally proved challenging, including EMA 201, EMA 202, ME 240, Physics 201, and Physics 202.

Sarah, a senior Civil Engineering student, leads students through an EMA 201 concept during her PrEPS session.


Each PrEPS (Practicing Engineering Problem Solving) Lab session is led by an undergraduate student who has taken the course the session supports and excelled in it. Sessions are held twice a week and last one and a half hour. As with other courses, you sign up for PrEPS Labs through your Student Center; the program is listed as InterEGR 150. Each section corresponds to one of the courses PrEPS covers (so choose the section carefully). Attendance at PrEPS Lab Sessions is mandatory for all students enrolled in the program.

PrEPS facilitates learning by exposing students to course material in a less formal setting than a lecture room. PrEPS facilitators teach students strategies for improving their problem solving skills and for achieving greater conceptual understanding. Because of PrEPS sessions’ smaller group size, each session has lots of open discussion and affords students the opportunity to work in groups to complete problems similar to those in homework sets and on exams.

Students who have concurrent enrollment in a course that offers PrEPS can enroll in InterEGR 150.

PrEPS Lab session enrollment usually starts in May for fall registration and in December for spring. An email about the SI schedule will be sent by the instructor to all students who are eligible in May/December.

InterEGR 150 is listed in the timetable as a zero credit class. It is under INTERDISCIPLINARY (496) in the College of Engineering. Use the MyUW Student Center and enroll in the lab that is designated for the course that you are interested in.

Please refer to the current schedule on this page for the section number, place and time for each lab.

  • PrEPS lab helps students master concepts covered in lectures and discussions by employing problem solving activities.
  • PrEPS lab is led by engineering students who provide the worksheets and guide the discussions and problem solving sessions.
  • PrEPS sessions meet twice a week for an hour and 15 minutes each time. Students work in small study groups during the session.
  • Students are required to commit to attending the session throughout the semester.
  • Students will receive an “A” if they fulfill the attendance requirement, and “NW” if they fail to do so.

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Students are welcome to contact the ULC director at for more information about PrEPS.