Develop skills and industry knowledge through an Engineering Summer Internship

Get started

Summer Internships are a great way for you to gain exposure to engineering while working on a short-term project need for an employer during the summer months

Internships through the College of Engineering are:

  • 12-14 week in length and during the summer months
  • Full-time committments in the field of Engineering


  1. Seeking admittance or already admitted to a department in the College of Engineering
  2. Must have at least two semesters of school remaining

Academic Credit: Only for those who are admitted to a COE dept.

Planning ahead will make your co-op/internship search a manageable and intentional process. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Timing your search
  2. Assess your skills
  3. Develop your resume & cover letters
  4. Network
  5. Interview
  6. Report your offers in myECS

Intern/Co-op Monthly Salaries for Undergraduates (2015-2016)

Information as reported to Engineering Career Services by students (includes Summer 2016 – Spring 2016 terms)

Major Average Monthly Salary
Biomedical Engineering $3,390
Chemical Engineering $3,532
Civil Engineering $2,705
Computer Engineering $3,916
Electrical Engineering $3,556
Engineering Physics N/A
Engineering Mechanics & Astronautics $3,146
Geological Engineering $3,198
Industrial Engineering $3,305
Materials Science & Engr. $3,099
Mechanical Engineering $3,257
Nuclear Engr. & Engr. Physics $3,635
OVERALL $3,280