Entry Professional

Connecting with employers who are hiring students after graduation

As a graduating student  at the BS, MS or PhD level, we encourage you to utilize ECS in your search for full-time, entry professional positions with government, not-for-profits, and corporations.

May, December, and August graduates are encouraged to begin searching for full-time opportunities the August before graduation.

Fall semester is the most active recruiting period and a popular time for graduating student to receive offers for entry professional employment. Recruiting continues through spring, but large organizations often have full-time hiring completed by December.

NOTE: As a student who is graduating select “entry-level” as your candidate type in myECS. This indicates to employers that you are seeking a position based on your current education.

Timing your Job Search

  • Start your search 1-2 semesters prior to your planned first day of professional work
  • Attend Career Fairs and sign up for campus interviews through myECS
  • Fall semester is the busiest for campus recruiting
  • Prepare far in advance:
    • December grads: Take advantage of summer to plan for the heavy recruiting fall semester.
    • May grads: Still focus on fall semester, as many employers only visit campus once a year.
      The spring Career Fair is a good time to attract employers who are hiring immediately after May graduation.

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