Graduate Engineering Students

Enrolled graduate students receive advising in multiple places: through their Principal Investigator, Engineering Career Services, Engineering advisors, and through the Graduate School Office of Admissions and Academic Services located at 217 Bascom Hall.

Enrolled graduate students can also receive advising on policies and procedures by department.

Industrial and Systems Engineering, Manufacturing Systems EngineeringPamela Peterson3182 Mechanical
Chemical and Biological EngineeringKate Fanis2033 Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geological Engineering, Environmental Chemistry and TechnologyCheryl Loschko3182 Mechanical
Electrical and Computer EngineeringHannah Roberg3186 Mechanical
Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science & EngineeringJanna Pollock3186 Mechanical
Online Master of Engineering and Master of Science DegreesShainah GreeneExtension Building, 432 N. Lake
Online Master of Engineering and Master of Science DegreesDaryl HarrisonExtension Building, 432 N. Lake
Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering PhysicsSara Hladilek3182 Mechanical
Director of COE Accelerated MS Degree ProgramsLee DeBaillie3182 Mechanical