Student Organizations

There are more than 50 engineering affiliated student organizations on campus, so there is bound to be a group that speaks to your interests and passions. The Wisconsin Engineering Student Council (WESC) serves as the voice and representation of all engineering students and student organizations at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This is enacted by facilitating events, listening sessions, and advocating for the overall student experience within the College of Engineering.

WESC assists in overseeing and assisting all student organizations in the College of Engineering through funding programs and events, offering trainings and workshops, and serving as representation of their interests to leadership in the college.

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Student Organization Policies and Procedures

All UW-Madison student organizations must register with the Center for Leadership and Involvement (CfLI) at: in order to use University facilities or the name of the University. To be eligible for registration, your student group must:

  • Be a not-for-profit, formalized group.
  • Be composed of at least 75% UW-Madison students.
  • Be controlled and directed by UW-Madison students.
  • Be related to student life on campus.
  • Abide by federal, state, city and university laws and policies, including the nondiscrimination policy
  • Identify a UW-Madison student as a primary contact person for the organization and provide the Center for Leadership and Involvement with the information required for registration, including organizational operating procedures.
  • Identify a UW-Madison student contact person who is authorized to represent the student organization in their financial matters.
  • Identify a UW-Madison student contact person who is authorized to assist with accessibility requests.
  • Abide by financial and all other regulations specified in the Student Organization Policy Code of Conduct.

Additionally, engineering affiliated student organizations may register with the Engineering Student Development (ESD) in the College of Engineering (COE). In order to register with the ESD, student organizations must have a mission focused on the profession of engineering and have membership in which 80% of the students involved are enrolled in the College of Engineering (or classified as EGR). ESD-registered student organizations must also identify and register an advisor (faculty or staff) employed by the COE.

All ESD-registered student organizations are required to attend a mandatory face-to-face orientation with the ESD in the fall and submit membership rosters; general meeting dates and times; a general meeting agenda; and an estimated budget in order to validate their registration with the COE. ESD registration requirements, and important dates and deadlines, will be emailed to the student organization president at the beginning of the fall semester.

Registration of University of Wisconsin-Madison student organizations is an annual process that carries responsibilities and confers rights, including access to University resources and facilities. All UW-Madison student organizations are required to register with the Center for Leadership and Involvement (CfLI) to be recognized as an official campus organization.

Registration with the Engineering Student Development office in the College of Engineering (COE) may also be an option if your organization meets certain eligibility requirements as outlined in the online registration. Organizations who also register with the ESD Office will be sent additional registration requirements after the initial CfLI approval process is complete.

Student organization registration for both CfLI and ESD is handled through the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN) at After registering, student leaders will be able to use the software to:

  • Upload and maintain membership rosters
  • Create and share events with organization members as well as the entire university
  • Upload photos and house documents
  • Create online forms
  • Hold officer elections online
  • And more

Registration for the new academic year will open on or around July 1 of each year. Please refer to the Student Organization Registration Checklist to ensure you have all the information required to begin the registration process.

Student organization space is allocated in room 85 of 1410 Engineering Drive. Tables and chairs are available for informal, small meetings.

RSOs in good standing are eligible to book conference and class rooms through the College and Campus Event Services for meetings and events.

A limited number of file cabinets are available in Rm 85 of 1410 Engineering Drive for student organizations. In addition storage is available in the 1410 basement for larger items. Storage is available on a first come/first serve basis. To request storage, stop by Suite 1150 in Engineering Hall.

UW regulations related to the use of Procurement Cards changed in summer 2017.  Designated users are no longer permitted to use someone else’s card for purchases.  Therefore all purchases must be completed by office staff.

Funding is an issue for most organizations, so you may be wondering how your student group can secure additional funding on campus. You can start by applying for the various funding opportunities available to student organizations at UW-Madison.

This list is by no means a complete list; however, these organizations and departments have consistently been supportive of student organizations over the years. Each grant has its own eligibility requirements and deadlines, so read each web site carefully before applying.

Wisconsin Engineering Student Council

  • WESC facilitates two different competition grants: one from WESC funding, and one from the Woldt family.
    • Click HERE to apply for the WESC Competition grant
    • Click HERE to apply for the Woldt Competition grant
  • WESC also encourages student organizations to apply for the Event Grant. This grant is meant for organizations to broaden the experiences of COE students or introduce them to concepts/ideas that they would otherwise not get introduced in the classroom.
    • Click HERE to apply for the WESC Event Grant.
  • Grants support a variety of activities; however, they do not fund food

Associated Students of Madison Grants

  • Travel and Event Grants — Apply six weeks in advance for all requests.
  • Operations Grants — Applications are available in December for the following school year to help cover printing, office supplies, postage, etc.
  • Open Fund — Grants of up to $200 per group available until March 1st or until the money runs out

Multicultural Council Grants

  • Multicultural/diversity program co-sponsorship
  • Must apply 60 days in advance for all requests over $2,500; 30 days in advance for grants under $2,500

Wisconsin Union Directorate Grants

  • Funding for costs associated with late night events on campus, Thursday through Saturday from 9 p.m.–2 a.m.
  • Co-sponsorship of committee-related campus events

Wisconsin Experience Grant

  • Co-sponsorship for educational events on campus that support a welcoming and inclusive campus climate, up to $2000 per group/per year
  • No financial support for student travel

Wisconsin Alumni Association Student Organization Grants

  • Support for non-alcoholic events on campus
  • Must foster diversity/inclusion on campus and include alumni component

Morgridge Center for Public Service Grants

  • Small grants (up to $200) for local service projects or Alternative Breaks

University Health Services Grants

  • $50-500 for collaboration between two or more registered student organizations
  • Events fostering diversity/inclusion are encouraged.

University Lectures Committee

  • Support to host a distinguished lecture on campus

Kemper K. Knapp Bequest

  • Can only apply with departmental sponsorship

UW-Madison Center for Leadership and Involvement


For a list of other student organizations at UW-Madison, visit the Wisconsin Involvement Network’s organization roster.