Spring 2021 Information

Undergraduate Megan Janquart studies outside on Engineering Mall

In accordance with the University’s COVID-19 Response plan, most student services operations and activities will be remote for the Spring 2021 semester. While access to in-person services are limited, we are committed to ensuring a safe, healthy, and successful school year for every student in the College of Engineering.

Resources and information to support engineering students are below. These resources will be updated as we have more information. Please check back for more information and continue to check the UW-Madison  COVID-19 Response website for the most current campus information.

For all other questions, please email us at and we will follow up as soon as we can.

Latest Updates

Dear College of Engineering Students and Community,

Protests against the confirmation of the outcome of the presidential election on January 6 gave rise to violence and disorder in the U.S. Capitol building. We know that these events can be upsetting, frightening, and even traumatizing, especially as we continue to grapple with the effects of the global pandemic and racial injustice. It is expected and reasonable during moments such as this to experience a range of reactions, including feeling unsettled or anxious, and everyone’s response will be unique. Now, more than ever, it is important to take time to help ourselves and the people around us and to prioritize self-care.

Here are some UW-Madison resources, and others, that may help as we navigate the uncertainty of this moment.

Jacob Blake

The MSC has a heavy heart as we continue to witness the lack of accountability for law enforcement and violence, in particular with the decision made in the case of Jacob Blake in Kenosha in which the officer who shot Jacob in the back seven times will not face any charges. We know this can be a difficult time, and are offering space online to come to together in community to process the unfolding news, as well as be in solidarity for accountability. Processing spaces will be held online Thursday, Jan 7th at 4pm CST. Please register beforehand to get the zoom information. Link in bio to sign up Jacob Blake processing space co-facilitated with the MSC, taking place today:


Coping with the Attack on the Capitol Processing Space

Description: This process space is for students coping with stress and mental health impacts from the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

Date: Friday, January 8th

Time: 1:00-2:30 pm CST

Sign up by 12:00 pm on 1/8/21

Sign up link:


More Resources

  • Text START to 741-741 or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for a confidential conversation anytime.
  • JED’s and MTV’s Press Pause includes animated PSAs and an online hub with simple mindfulness techniques — like breathing exercises, meditation, perspective checks, music, and movement — to deal with common stresses and challenges that can make young adults feel overwhelmed or hopeless.
  • JED’s COVID-19 Resource Guide provides resources and tips for protecting mental health and supporting each other during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has Tips for Coping with Traumatic Events.

We can help each other process these challenging moments in healthy ways, and remind each other that we are not alone.

Be well,

Rachel Jones
Assistant Dean for Student Services

College of Engineering
2620 Engineering Hall
Appointments: (608) 262-3484

Office: (608) 890-3692


Concerned about a student? Click here to fill out a student of concern report


24-hour crisis services: 608.265.5600 (select option 9 for crisis services)

E-mail is not checked outside of business hours or on weekends. If you are experiencing a crisis, please contact our 24-hour crisis services, dial 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.


Use your winter break to prepare for Spring 2021 coursework!

The College of Engineering Undergraduate Learning Center (ULC) offers a variety of on-line resources that might be useful in preparing for Spring 2021 courses.  Visit the ULC Additional Resources page to learn more and access the Canvas tutorials:



Math 171, 217, 221, 222 tutorials

Get a head start on your math course for spring or review material from this fall. These tutorials provide supplemental materials and opportunities for you to practice your problem-solving skills and apply course concepts.

Pre-Statics/Pre-Physics 201 tutorial
This 0-credit modular tutorial is designed to bridge the gap between calculus and mechanics and help you prepare for EMA 201 or Physics 201.

MATLAB videos
Taking a course in the spring that will use MATLAB?  Training videos for beginners and more advanced users are available.

R workshop slides
Taking a stats course that uses R?  Slides from the ULC training workshop are available.



Study Interest Groups:  
Interested in meeting other students in your courses?  Join a SIG!  Watch you email form details in January.

PrEPS (InterEGR 150):

The ULC will offer PrEPS (Practicing Engineering Problem Solving) labs to support students enrolled in EMA 201, EMA 202/ME 240, Physics 201, and Physics 202 during the spring semester.  The PrEPS schedule will be released in mid-January.

Drop-in Tutoring:  
Drop-in tutoring and on-line study spaces are offered Sunday-Thursday evenings, 6:30-9:00 beginning the third week of class.

For more information on PrEPS, Drop-in Tutoring, SIGs,  and other supports offered by the ULC, visit


Enjoy winter break!

Kathy Prem

Director, Undergraduate Learning Center
University of Wisconsin-Madison
407 Wendt Commons, 608.265.1099


Dear engineering undergraduates,

I’m writing with a reminder that after the Thanksgiving break, all instruction for the remainder of the fall 2020 semester will occur remotely.

As a result, all College of Engineering buildings will be closed to general undergraduate student access until the start of the spring 2021 semester, with the exception of Wendt Commons. The only available study space in the College will be on the third floor of Wendt Commons. If you need to access space to study or to take an exam, I encourage you to plan ahead, as many of the campus’ available spaces are open by reservation or on a first-come, first-served basis. To learn more, go to

Beginning Nov. 30, many College of Engineering professors and staff, including student services staff, also will begin working remotely.  This means that if you need to contact your advisor, do so via email or by emailing To find the latest information, check out the fall 2020 info page on the engineering website.

Finally, if you are an undergraduate researcher or a student employee whose supervisor has given you permission to work on the engineering campus, you may come to campus to perform that work.

Whether your plans include traveling to another location, remaining in Madison, or returning to Madison after the Thanksgiving holiday, I encourage you to celebrate safely.

— Dean Ian Robertson

Hello Engineering Students,

The semester is well under way and the first round of midterms exams are either already happening or are coming up quickly. If you are feeling that your academic life is feeling a little disorganized, this may be a great time to learn a few resources that can help you or get you connected to people or services that can support you. Here are a few resources that I hope you find helpful.

Academic Organization

Engineering Time Management: Consolidated Semester Calendar and Weekly Schedule Explanation/Directions

  1. Consolidated Semester Calendar- Get the “big picture.” Plan out your semester:  Most students find this an incredibly helpful exercise because it gives you an overview of what your semester is going to look like and where you may have “crunch periods.” This will give you an idea of how far in advance you need to plan. Make sure that you can complete all your assignments, without sacrificing the time you need to put in to make sure you keep up with all your classes.
  2. Weekly Schedule Template– One effective way to make time for all your work is to create a weekly schedule. Creating a routine allows you to keep yourself accountable and avoid procrastinating. Do you want to see and hear a weekly schedule created? Watch the video here:

Online Class Tips

Would you like to work with someone 1-on-1 to work on a Consolidated Semester Calendar and/or Weekly Schedule? Work with (me) Assistant Dean Rachel Jones to get back on track ASAP. If you’d like to schedule a remote meeting with me, contact Lukas Dietz at to get on my calendar. Please don’t be intimidated by the title, my job is to support and work with Engineering students, so I’m looking forward to meeting some of you.


Study Skills

GUTS Study Skills Program

The main purpose of our Study Skills program is to help you improve your studying habits and give any tips needed in certain studying areas!  The Study Skills Program consists of working with students to help identify problem areas in time management, note-taking, concentration, test-taking, and more. We then work with students to help them develop their own personal learning strategies.

One-hour long, 1-on-1 advisory appointments are available with our study skills advisors. These free appointments aim to identify areas of development specific for each student and help them develop their own personal strategies to grow.

Link to schedule appointments:


McBurney Disability Resource Center’s STUDY AND LEARNING SKILLS (SLSS) Program

The Study and Learning Skills Program (SLSS) is a peer-to-peer service offered to students registered with the McBurney Disability Resource Center. To become a registered McBurney student, click here to see if you are eligible. Students schedule individual appointments with trained study skills specialists to discuss ways to study more effectively.


Tutoring (not comprehensive):

Engineering’s Undergraduate Learning Center (ULC)


UW Academic Support



Wellbeing Resources- great link w/ UHS/MHS online services this semester


Rachel Jones
Assistant Dean for Student Services

College of Engineering
2620 Engineering Hall
Appointments: (608) 262-3484

Office: (608) 890-3692

Online Drop-in Tutoring and Virtual Study Space at the College of Engineering’s Undergraduate Learning Center is now available! It is available Sunday – Thursday, 6:30PM – 9:00PM via BBCollaborate Ultra on the ULC Drop-in Tutoring Canvas Page. No need to have questions to attend! Join us for a structured study time and connect with other engineering students.

On this page, you can also access ULC Questions and concerns Virtual Sessions – Every Monday-Tuesday, 4:00PM – 6:00PM or by appointment. ULC Staff will be available for consultations regarding academic support options and ULC services, discuss study skills and academic concerns, or just to say hello!

Looking for a study group for your classes? Join our Study Interest Group (SIG), a new program that helps match your with others who enroll in one or more courses with you. You can virtually meet with your SIG as often as you like. Use this form to sign up for SIG today.

Questions: Contact

Dear Engineering Students,

As we are starting a new fall semester, I am thinking of all of you and reaching out with information and updates about wellbeing resources and Mental Health Services, especially as it relates to access and outreach, in order to support you during this year. I recognize that you all are navigating a new college reality with possible life challenges on top of that. This semester in particular may be challenging for all of us, and supporting the mental health and wellbeing of your community is vitally important. You all are valuable to the Badger Engineering community and I want you to know that there is help and support for you here in the College of Engineering and UW for many challenges you may experience along the way. We are striving to create a supportive campus environment with accessible resources that promote our students’ mental health and wellbeing. Wellbeing is about much more than physical health. Here, it’s a multi-dimensional balancing act that – when maintained properly – leaves us best able to cope with adversity, build rewarding relationships, and live with a sense of purpose.

I hope that we all encourage one another daily to create a supportive atmosphere where everyone is empowered to engage in healthy behaviors, to support others in doing the same, and to look out for one another. Achieving and sustaining wellness involves becoming aware of and taking steps toward a healthier, happier, and more satisfying life. The resources below can help you as you take steps to support your own wellness. I encourage you to share with your friends/classmates if you find any supportive and helpful connections or resources. Share the wealth.

I know that this is a long email with a lot of information, but please skim through at your leisure and (hopefully) bookmark the links so that it’s easy to find them later.

My name is Rachel Jones and I am an Assistant Dean in the College of Engineering. Most of my communication to undergraduate students centers around mental health and wellbeing/wellness related supports. If you ever need, or want, to connect with someone in the College around extenuating circumstances, life/academic challenges, or anything else; don’t hesitate to reach out to me. For graduate students, please feel free to reach out to Assistant Dean Chris Brace at



UW Recreation & Wellbeing (RecWell) Fun Wellbeing Offerings: RecWell encourages students to play hard, get fit, and live well in college—and have fun doing it. While the facilities are open, many of their offerings have gone fully virtual to protect the wellbeing of their students and staff. There is athletic training, group fitness classes, Intramural sports (e-sports), Personal training, live guided meditation, etc. Link to Rec Well Virtual Offerings

Mental Health Services (MHS)

The most important thing to note is that we remain open for services, including individual, couple/partner, and group counseling, care management, outreach programming, wellness and stress management, Behavioral Health, and Psychiatry. All routine appointments are being conducted remotely, either over the phone or through video. Please note that all outreach programming this fall will be conducted virtually as well.

UHS/MHS Clinical Services: We are taking on new clients. Every new client starts with a phone screening to collaboratively determine a student’s needs and connect the student to the best resources. There is no charge for this appointment. To schedule an Access Appointment phone screening, students can call 608-265-5600 (option 2) or log on to MyUHS to web-book an appointment. Our Access providers will gladly assist students in connecting with care and resources. Please note that our ability to connect students at UHS may vary depending on a student’s current location, but our Access providers will guide students through what options may be available and collaboratively develop a plan with them to get connected to support. We also continue to have a 24-hour crisis line at 608-265-5600 (option 9) and offer a variety of groups. For a full list of groups and descriptions, visit the Group Counseling webpage.

Virtual Processing Spaces: This is a recurring online space for current students to connect with each other to cope with isolation, grief/loss, uncertainty about the future, discrimination, and many other things. These spaces are 90min drop-in meetings via Zoom and require a sign-up to join. Processing spaces will be held on Wednesdays from 5:30pm-7pm. Please see below for identity/topic areas and dates.

  • Coping with COVID – This processing space is for students to find social support and connection virtually during social distancing.
    • September 9th, October 7th, November 4th, December 9th
  • Grieving Our Loved Ones – This processing space is for students to gain support and validation from peers as they navigate experiences of grief and loss.
    • September 16th, October 14th, November 11th
  • SOC – This processing space is for students of color to connect, seek support, and identify ways to engage in self and community care during this time.
    • September 23rd, October 21st, November 18th
  • LGBTQ – This processing space is for LGBTQ+ students to connect, seek support, and identify ways to engage in self and community care during this time.
    • September 30th, October 28th, December 2nd
  • Connection in Quarantine – This processing space is open to all students who are currently quarantining due to possible exposure to or positive diagnosis of COVID-19. Focuses on students providing each other support and connection
    • September 9th, September 23rd, October 7th, October 21st, November 4th, November 18th, and December 2nd

Virtual Let’s Talk: A virtual, online version of our informal drop-in consultations with a MHS counselor will run throughout the semester. Students will need to sign up for a time slot via an online form. There will be general sessions (open to all students) each business day and specialty sessions based on identity, specific concerns, or departments throughout the week. Fall Weekly Schedule below:

Virtual Let’s Talk Weekly Schedule: sign up for a time slot via an online form

Day Time Population
Mondays 11a-1p Focus: Latinx Students
1p-3p General/Open to All Students
Tuesdays 10:30a-12:30p Focus: Black Students
3p-5p General/Open to All Students
Wednesdays 10a-12p General/Open to All Students
1p-3p Focus: Substance Use Concerns
3p-5p Focus: Engineering Students
Thursdays 10:30a-12:30p Focus: Chican@/Latin@ Studies
11a-1p General/Open to All Students
2p-4p Focus: LGBTQ Students
3p-5p Focus: BIPOC Students
3p-5p Focus: Engineering Students
Fridays 10a-12p Relationship/Partner Concerns
2p-4p General/Open to All Students


Thrive Workshops: We will be continuing to provide a series of virtual workshops throughout the semester designed to share tips and tools for thriving at the university. All workshops will be held on Tuesdays from 5:30p-7p. The full schedule of workshops can be found here.

Suicide Prevention Training for UW-Madison Students:  University Health Services, with support from partners on the UW-Madison Suicide Prevention Council, is excited to announce the release of a new, online suicide prevention training tool available for all UW-Madison students. Suicide Prevention Training for UW-Madison Students is currently accessible in Canvas where any interested student can participate. You can follow this link to enroll in the training:

Suicide Prevention Training for UW-Madison Students is part of a broad campus-wide strategy to build a culture of care, support student mental health, and prevent suicide. We encourage you to participate in this valuable training.



Emergency Financial Support: Badger students may face financial challenges and emergencies during their time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The resources at the link below are intended to provide an overview of financial support options, as well as the limited emergency financial assistance opportunities available to currently enrolled students who are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses due to an emergency.

GradReady: The Office of Student Financial Aid is excited to announce a new, FREE online financial wellness program called GradReady. With GradReady, the more you know the less you’ll owe. By creating an account, users are able to learn about paying for college, money management, and real world finance through module-based learning. Videos, quizzes and personalized budgeting exercises allow you to earn badges as you go. GradReady is now available to all students, staff, faculty, and alumni.


Assistant Dean Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones
Assistant Dean for Student Services

College of Engineering
2620 Engineering Hall
Appointments: (608) 262-3484

Office: (608) 890-3692

Concerned about a student? Click here to fill out a student of concern report

24-hour crisis services: 608.265.5600 (select option 9 for crisis services)

E-mail is not checked outside of business hours or on weekends. If you are experiencing a crisis, please contact our 24-hour crisis services, dial 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.

Information At-A-Glance and FAQ

Spring 2021 Operations

In accordance with the University’s COVID-19 Response plan, most student services operations and activities will be remote for the Spring 2021 semester. While access to in-person services are limited, we are committed to ensuring a safe, healthy, and successful school year for every student in the College of Engineering. More details can be found below.

Spring 2021 building access information

Beginning January 25, 2021, there are some significant new steps you will need to take to be able to enter campus buildings. Most importantly, you must be in compliance with COVID-19 testing and other safety requirements.

Across the UW-Madison campus, but specifically as you prepare to enter an engineering building:

  • Badger wellness ambassadors will be stationed inside designated building entrances.
    • Engineering Centers Building—Southeast atrium entrance: Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
    • Engineering Hall—North entrance under the canopy along Engineering Drive: Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
    • Mechanical Engineering Building—South entry facing parking ramp and Northeast entry: Monday-Friday: 7:30 m. to 9 p.m.
    • Mechanical Engineering Building COVID-19 testing center—Northeast entry: Monday-Friday: 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Wendt Commons—North main entry: Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m
  • Show the wellness ambassador the Badger Badge screen in your Safer Badgers app. It must display a green check mark to indicate that you have been granted access to that building. (The Badger Badge screen will not reveal your private health information; rather, it will simply state whether you have been granted building access.)
  • In other buildings, all other doors and entrances will be locked.

More engineering building access information


Dean’s Office

Diversity Affairs Office

  • Contact: | 608-890-1403
  • The College of Engineering Diversity Affairs Office (DAO) student services will be provided remotely by the DAO director and staff M-F 8:30 am -4:30 pm, for adjunct undergraduate advising for LEED Scholars, engineering outreach and diversity/inclusion related student organizations (SHPE, NSBE, SWE, AISES and QTE). To access DAO services, call 608-890-1403 or email For additional campus services related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, please refer to the Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement at

Engineering Student Development

Undergraduate Advising

  • Contact: | 608-262-2473
  • All advising appointments will be provided remotely, including drop-in advising. Students can always contact their advisors through email. Watch for an email from your academic advisor with more information about virtual drop-in advising or scheduling a remote appointment. Students are also welcome to contact with any questions or concerns.

Undergraduate Learning Center

  • Contact:
  • All regular tutoring services including Drop-In tutoring, Tutoring by Request and PrEPS (InterEGR 150) will be offered as synchronous remote services. Additional workshops and tutorials such as MATLAB training, R training and vector reviews will be offered in synchronous and asynchronous formats. There are several new services planned for fall to help support students in this remote learning environment including math reviews, virtual study rooms and course review info sheets; details will be posted on our website as they become available. For more information see, stop in at the ULC Concerns or Questions on Blackboard Collaborate, Mondays and Tuesdays, 4-6 PM (access through our website) or contact

If you are experiencing technology challenges, including hardware, software and network issues, we understand. First check if something is slow or not working properly.

If you continue to experience challenges, email and we will follow up as soon as we can.

Student Services

How do I meet with my academic advisor?

All College of Engineering academic advising services are provided remotely. Advisors are available for remote appointments and by email. Use the Starfish app in your MyUW portal to make an appointment.  If you have a need that can be addressed over email, please email your academic advisor (preferred) or If you don’t know who your academic advisor is, you can find your academic advisor in your Student Center via the MyUW portal.

I’d like to add an additional major or a certificate:

Different majors and certificates have different requirements and declaration processes. Check Guide for admissions and declaration information.

  • Send your completed/approved major or certificate declaration form to You can submit a PDF, scanned form, or legible photo of the form
  • Additional majors and certificates are declared for students who have progressed in their major and are in good standing.
  • Questions? Email

I’d like to add an option to my major (Aerospace Engineering, Construction Management, Environmental Engineering):

  • Send your completed/approved option declaration form to
    • You can submit a PDF, scanned form, or legible photo of the form
  • Alternatively, you can work with your advisor and/or faculty advisor to generate an email chain that demonstrates your interest in declaring and faculty/advisor approval to add the option. This email chain should then be forwarded to
  • Major options are declared for students who have progressed in their major and are in good standing.
  • Questions? Email

I want to use the tuition waiver for UW-Independent Learning coursework:

I’d like to make an enrollment change to a course I’m already enrolled in (e.g. add/remove honors, change variable credits):

I’d like to drop one of my courses:

I am taking fewer than 12 credits this semester or will be dropping below 12 credits, how do I request part-time permission?

  • Meet with your advisor to discuss academic implications of part-time permission
  • Review the part-time permission regulations (#9).
  • Students may face additional constraints with other offices on campus (International Student Services, Athletics, Financial Aid, etc.) please check with those offices as needed
  • Complete this web form to submit your request.
  • Questions? Email

I’m considering withdrawing from the semester:

I missed the drop/withdrawal deadline. Is there anything that I can do?

Possibly, if the semester has not ended and you have not received any grades yet. As we all are navigating an uncertain and trying time we understand that there may be more extreme extenuating circumstances that students need to navigate. We have implemented a form for these late academic requests during the semester that serves as a way to collect information from students, then setting up a meeting with an Assistant Dean after students have completed the form. We will reach out to students to schedule the appointment after the completion of the form within 48-72 hours. Submitting a late request *is not* a guarantee that a student’s request will be granted. Click here to access the online late drop/withdrawal form.

I need to add a course late. I missed the deadline to add it on my own.

  • Use the course change request form through MyUW (especially for a course in the current term) and instructions to do this are well documented here: (scroll down to Add a Class).
  • Email the resulting PDF to the course instructor that you are trying to add to get their permission and then forward that form (with electronic signature or email with instructor’s permission) to
  • Questions? Email

Are ULC tutoring services available?

Yes, all ULC services are available Fall 2020; they are being offered in remote formats available through our website at

How will I access drop-in tutoring?

Drop-in Tutoring and (virtual) Study Space is accessible through a Canvas page linked to the ULC website (  The schedule for specific courses can also be found on the ULC website.

Can I come to Wendt for tutoring?

No. In accordance with COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines, tutoring and other academic supports will be offered in distance learning formats for Fall 2020.

I use the TBR (Tutoring by Request) program. How will I meet with my tutor?

You can schedule sessions through the same system as in the past (  You will receive an email when you schedule a session that will explain how to connect with your tutor.

I miss studying with my friends in Wendt.

Come to Drop-in Tutoring and Study Space on-line to meet with classmates and friends!  The schedule for specific courses and the access link can be found at

I have questions about other ULC programs or services.

Please talk with ULC staff at ULC Questions and Concerns held every Monday and Tuesday (connect through from 4-6 pm, or contact us at and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Can I receive assistance with my job search – resume review, effective searching techniques, and interview preparation?

Yes. You may schedule an online or phone appointment with an ECS staff member using Starfish.  If you would just like a resume review, you may email it to and it will be returned within 24 hours with feedback on how to make it more effective.

What will fall 2020 recruiting look like for full-time, co-op, and summer 2021 internships?

All career fairs for fall 2020 will be virtual through your Handshake app.  Students will need to register through the app to attend each of the events.  It is very important that your Handshake profile be updated with your graduation date since invitations will be based on major and graduation date.

How do I get in contact with Jeff Scholl?

Students should use Starfish to schedule meetings with LEED Scholars’ advisor Jeff Scholl. If you have a time-sensitive emergency, contact Jeff at or 608-263-5367.

Can I use the back room of the DAO?

Students who are part of DAO-affiliated organizations (LEED Scholars, SHPE, NSBE, SWE, QTE and AISES) will have access to Room 110, the back-room area of the DAO with a maximum of 2 people allowed in that space at a time.

Can I use the cubicle?

No, the cubicle in the back room is closed for student use at this time.

I used to be able to print in DAO, can I still do that?

The printer is in the back room of the DAO, and is available for use as supplies last. Please follow posted directions to connect to the printer and clean it before & after use.

Health and well-being: supporting yourself

At this time, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself. Visit our Wellness and Well-being page for resources to support your mental, physical, and social wellness.