Diversity and Inclusion

A welcoming and collaborative community of faculty, staff, and students

In the College of Engineering, we strongly believe that the solutions to challenges great and small lie not only in the hands of one person, but emerge from the diverse ideas, perspectives and backgrounds of many people working together. Whether you are a prospective or current faculty member, staff member or student, you will find a welcoming community where you can be yourself—and become whatever you want to be. Your future begins here—and here are some of the services and organizations that you can take advantage of along the way.

Student Opportunities

College Resources

Educational Environment in Engineering (E3) Survey

The Educational Environment in Engineering (E3) Survey was administered in the UW-Madison College of Engineering in Spring 2019, and over 1000 undergraduate students and 295 graduate students responded. Survey topics included student attitudes towards and experiences in the College of Engineering, commitment to their choice of major, students’ own confidence in engineering tasks, and future career plans in engineering. The survey also asked students about their positive and negative experiences with faculty, staff and other students within the College of Engineering. Below you can find the full summary and results of the E3 Survey, the E3 Survey questions, and a presentation on the results of the E3 Survey.

Wisconsin Alliance for Minority Participation (WiscAMP) addresses retention and persistence of underrepresented minorities in STEM disciplines by expanding and improving on successful models already in place and fostering and sustaining an alliance among partner institutions. WiscAMP aims to increase retention through academic enhancement programs and services that focus on tutoring, mentoring, supplemental instruction and peer support.





The Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI) is a research center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. WISELI was formed in 2002 with funding from the National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE: Institutional Transformation program. The long-term goal of WISELI is to have the gender of the faculty, chairs, and deans reflect the gender of the student body at UW-Madison. To accomplish these goals, WISELI is a visible, campus-wide entity, endorsed by top-level administrators, which uses UW-Madison as a “living laboratory” to study gender equity for women in science and engineering, implement solutions, and provide methods and analyses to measure indicators of success. Download the WISELI brochure, “Fostering Success for Women in Engineering.”

The College of Engineering Equity and Diversity Committee assesses the effectiveness of college efforts in equity and diversity, identifies strategies to address diversity imbalances among our faculty, staff and students, and identifies strategies to improve retention of underrepresented groups within our college. Contact the committee by emailing Peggy Conklin, mjconkli@wisc.edu.

These two awards were established by the college to recognize the outstanding accomplishments and recent contributions of engineering faculty and staff to advancing and enhancing equity and creating a more diverse and inclusive climate in the college. Among the other award winners honored this year were one faculty and one staff member who were selected to receive Equity and Diversity Awards.

Read more: College recognizes the outstanding contributions of eight faculty and staffs

Women in ECE hosts various events, such as dinners and coffee breaks, to connect women at all levels within the ECE department. Whether you are the freshest freshwoman, a seasoned graduate student, a post-doc or a faculty member, you belong with us!

The Women in Mechanical Engineering Mentorship Program connects upper-level female Mechanical Engineering students with first- and second-year female students admitted to or interested in the Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s degree. WME members can be eligible for a Women in Mechanical Engineering $1000 scholarship upon meeting the degree’s progression requirements, or a $500 scholarship in each subsequent year of participation.

The program includes occasional informal events with the entire Women in Mechanical Engineering group to meet with professional women in industry and academic, including alumni of the department. Through small-group meetings between mentors and mentees, you can ask questions, exchange information, and develop connections within the department.

Facilities and Spaces

  • CAE Building, Room 100
    – 1410 Engineering Drive, First floor
    – Benches and open floor space
    – Unlocked, accessible during building hours: 7am-11pm daily
  • Union South, Forward Room
    – 1308 W Dayton, Third Floor
    – Chairs and open floor space
    – Unlocked, accessible during building hours: 7am-12am Sun-Thurs, 7am-1am Fri & Sat
  • Engineering Hall, Room 2750
    – 1415 Engineering Drive, Second floor
    – Chair, table and outlet available
    – Locked, request key from front desk of 2620 Engineering Hall (Dean’s Office)
    – Contact Peggy Conklin at 608-265-4048 with any questions
  • Mechanical Engineering, Room 2061
    – 1513 University Avenue, Second floor
    – Chair, sink, refrigerator, changing table, and outlets available
    – Lockable, contact WISELI (Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute) office at
    (608) 263-1445 or stop by their office (room 3065) to obtain the access code
  • Engineering Centers Building, Room 2072
    – 1550 Engineering Drive, Second floor
    – Not ADA accessible
  • Engineering Hall, Room 3118
    – 1415 Engineering Drive, Third floor
    – Not ADA accessible
  • Union South, Commuter Shower
    – 1308 W Dayton, Third floor
    – Ask Front Desk (first floor) to unlock
    – ADA Accessible