2006 Early career award: Christine Schyvinck

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Christine M. Schyvinck 
Executive Vice President
Global Marketing and Sales
SHURE Incorporated
BSME ’89
Niles, IL

Within a decade of her earning her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Christine M. Schyvinck made the transition from engineer to business executive at Shure, Inc., an Illinois-based company that makes professional-grade wired and wireless microphones and sound systems. Due in part to Schyvinck’s leadership, Shure corporate growth has reached nearly 50 percent in the last three years.

Following her May 1989 graduation, Schyvinck began work at the company as a quality control engineer, later becoming manager of process development engineering and vice president of quality. For four years, she was executive vice president of operations and in March, became executive vice president of marketing and sales, covering Shure’s global territories. She manages Shure business units in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Canada, South and Central America, and the United States, and is responsible for marketing functions such as communications and research. At

At Shure, Schyvinck has a history of volunteering for difficult and complicated assignments, and then producing results that exceed expectations. For example, when Shure decided to enter the consumer market with such products as earphones, Schyvinck played a key role in communicating its strategy to company employees worldwide. She was instrumental in directing the opening of manufacturing facilities in China and continues to play a key role in implementing their long-term strategic business plans.

Schyvinck credits Mechanical Engineering and Industrial and Systems Engineering Professor Emeritus Donald Ermer as being a mentor during and after her UW-Madison education. A certified quality engineer, she also earned an MBA in engineering management from Northwestern University in 1999.

She is a member of the Northern Illinois University Manufacturers Coalition advisory board, and holds memberships in the American Society for Quality and the Society of Women Engineers.

Although Schyvinck’s work keeps her busy, she still finds time to play French horn in various company bands for occasions such as ice cream socials. She is married to husband Jeff, whom she met at UW-Madison, and has two children. Son Adam is a second-grader; daughter Nicole began kindergarten this fall.