2004 Distinguished Service Award: Thomas Doe

// Civil & Environmental Engineering

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doe_thomas2004Thomas W. Doe
Golder Associates Inc.
PhDCEE ’80

Thomas Doe’s work in ground engineering has taken him around the globe in a career that has embraced both practical and academic pursuits.

Doe, a principal in Golder Associates, a company that specializes in ground engineering and environmental science, holds a PhD (1980) from UW-Madison in geology and mining engineering. He previously received an MS (1973) in geology from UW-Madison, and a BA (1971) in geology from Pomona College in California.

Doe has been with Golder Associates of Redmond, Wash., since 1986, when he joined the company as a senior engineering geologist. He became an associate with the company in 1988, and then a principal. The firm comprises a group of consulting companies that specialize in ground engineering and environmental science, with more than 3,000 employees and offices in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Doe serves as manager for Golder Associates’ specialty group for fluid flow studies in fractured rock. The group develops fractured reservoir and groundwater models, as well as supporting modeling applications. The work has applications for radioactive waste disposal, petroleum reservoir development, field measurements for underground construction, and fracture evaluations for non-radioactive waste disposal facilities.

Currently, Doe is developing and validating fracture network models for petroleum reservoirs in the Middle East and offshore Southeast Asia. In addition, he has done work in Sweden and Japan, and has worked on landfill design support for fractured granites in southern California, as well as characterization and modeling of groundwater flow in fractured sandstones for the North Carolina low-level radioactive waste program. Doe has also done extensive work in the design of stress measurement programs for underground construction, including hydraulic fracturing and hydraulic jacking tests for pressure tunnels.

Prior to joining Golder Associates, Doe served as a staff scientist for Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. He also worked as lead project manager for geological engineering in the office of crystalline repository development at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, OH.

Doe has authored or jointly authored more than 30 academic papers in his field, and has held adjunct lecturer, adjunct professor and visiting research professor posts at the University of California-Berkeley, the University of Washington, and at Ecole des Mines, University of Nancy, Nancy, France.

Doe is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the International Society of Rock Mechanics, and the American Geophysical Union, as well as the board of visitors for the UW-Madison geological engineering program. He also currently serves as a member of the National Academy of Science’s Committee on Geological and Geotechnical Engineering. In addition, he serves on the board of advisors of the Keck Geology Consortium, a group of liberal arts college geology departments that support undergraduate research.