2003 Distinguished Service Award: Matthew Kuckuk

// Industrial & Systems Engineering

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Matthew D. Kuckuk
Vice President, e.Services
Actuate Corporation
BSISyE ’80

As an undergraduate, Matthew Kuckuk enrolled in a one-credit course in which he received an overview of each engineering discipline. Immediately, he identified industrial engineering as the right choice. “The focus on systems that include combinations of people and technology was particularly appealing,” he says.

Then in his senior year, he took a course from Professor David Gustafson, in which Gustafson derived the “likelihood ratio” form of Bayes equation for conditional probability and showed how to apply it to business problems. “This was an epiphany for me,” says Kuckuk. He used the knowledge as the intellectual basis for at least the first 10 years of his career. “I still come back to it repeatedly for insight into how information is used in decision-making,” he says.

Today, with a UW-Madison bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a master’s degree in operations research from the University of California-Berkeley, Kuckuk is a veteran professional-services consultant in the software industry. He has a history of running profitable professional-services organizations that have grown rapidly in size and scale.

Perhaps best-known for his predictive analytics work in the financial industry — particularly in customer relationship management (CRM) — Kuckuk has been part of a team that developed and implemented the first commercial predictive models in several areas of banking. Recently, he gained notice in technology-industry circles for developing successful professional-services practices around software products. Kuckuk focuses first on business value to customers while maintaining a high level of technical quality.

As vice president of e.Services for Actuate Corporation’s North American Operations, Kuckuk is responsible for all professional services, consulting and training delivered to the software company’s North American customers.

Prior to joining Actuate, Kuckuk’s achievements included founding the CRM consulting and systems integration practice at American Management Systems, Fairfax, Virginia, where he was a vice president. He also was a senior project manager at Fair, Isaac Company in San Rafael, California.

Kuckuk is a member of the Department of Industrial Engineering Visiting Committee. He has been kayaking with Hoofers every year since 1975. He and his wife, Christine, live in Redwood City, California and have four children: Robert, 19; Rachel, 17; Jennifer, 8; and David, 6.