2002 Distinguished Service Award: Richard Weaver

// Chemical & Biological Engineering

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Richard H. WeaverRichard H. Weaver
Consultant (Retired)
PhDCBE ’64

Richard Weaver parlayed his training as a chemical engineer into a long and distinguished career with one of the world’s leading oil companies: ExxonMobil Corp.

Weaver, a New Orleans native who earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemical engineering from Tulane University, received his doctoral degree in chemical engineering from UW-Madison in 1964. From there he joined Exxon Production Research in Houston, Texas as a senior research engineer and became a research supervisor in 1970.

His career took him overseas, where we worked for Arabian American Oil Co. in Saudi Arabia from 1972-1975, serving as a technical consultant and operations superintendent. He then moved to London with Esso Exploration and Production, UK, where he served as operations manger responsible for Esso’s interests in treatment, storage and shipping facilities for North Sea oil production.

Weaver returned to the United States in 1979 and served in a variety of positions for Exxon, including operations manager for Alaskan and later Californian production operations. After a brief assignment as production vice president for Exxon Colombian operations in Bogota, he was named Exxon’s general manager for business development in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in 1991. He later served as vice president for Exxon Ventures CIS, in which he was the principle negotiator with the Russian government for oil and gas production rights. He retired from Exxon in 1996 and subsequently has worked as a consultant.

Weaver has served on a number of professional committees and organizations, including the Exploration and Production Forum (Europe), Alaska Oil and Gas Association and the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He has also written articles for the journal of Petroleum Technology. He has also been involved in civic and public affairs organizations, including the United Way, arts groups in Alaska, and the American Red Cross.

Weaver lives with his wife Barbara in Warren, New Jersey. They have three children and four grandchildren. They enjoy traveling (often with Wisconsin Alumni Association) and visiting with family in Alaska, California and Illinois. Weaver is an elder in his church, currently overseeing a facility wide refurbishment, and enjoys playing golf.