University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering


Strategic Plan, 2011-2015




To educate and prepare people of all backgrounds to contribute as engineers and citizens through the creation, integration, application, and transfer of engineering knowledge




To be, and be recognized as, a world-class college of engineering that provides an excellent learning experience and education in a culture of scholarly innovation, collaboration, and discovery




We value:


  • Commitment to quality, professionalism and integrity
  • Educational excellence and leadership; critical thinking skills, learning agility,
    and life-long learning
  • Research excellence and leadership
  • Technical and educational innovation
  • Leadership development
  • Interdisciplinary culture/collaborative efforts
  • An environment that is supportive of a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff
  • Being an integral part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison




Strategic objectives are aligned with the University of Wisconsin-Madison strategic priorities.


  • Excellence, creativity and leadership in undergraduate, graduate and continuing education
  • Excellence, creativity, and leadership in research
  • Technology innovation and entrepreneurship in support of the Wisconsin Idea
  • Recognition of the quality of our education and research
  • Effective infrastructure and administrative support to accomplish our mission


Download a PDF of the full strategic plan.