University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering



Strategic Plan, 2014-2019




To be a world-class college of engineering recognized for strengths in basic and applied research, educational innovation, technology transfer, and service to society.




To educate and inspire future leaders who contribute to society through the creation, application and transfer of engineering knowledge, and through engagement in society. We do this through outstanding research, teaching and service to our profession, our state of Wisconsin, the nation, and the world.




We fully endorse the values of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Idea.
These can be summarized as fully encouraging and supporting the highest standards of integrity, ethics, inclusiveness, and service to society. In addition, we value:


  • Recruiting students from a variety of backgrounds and helping them reach their full potential as leaders and citizens,
  • Encouraging collaborative, multidisciplinary research and teaching,
  • Integrating research and teaching to build on our strengths in both areas for the benefit of all students,
  • Recognizing contributions of faculty and staff in all areas (teaching, research, service and support),
  • A welcoming, supportive work environment.




We aim to carry out our mission by investing in our students, our faculty and staff, and our community.



COE Strategic Plan, 2014-2019


Download a PDF of the full strategic plan.