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COE Committee on Academic Staff Issues: Meeting Highlights, February 2, 2004

CoE CASI 9/23/2004 Highlights:

CASI Members: Simon Anderson, Jason Bittner, Paul Peercy, Dennis Ray
Staff to the CASI: Bob Dye, Jeanne Hendricks
Guests: Steven Parker, Rob Kohlhepp


Plan 2008 Forum date
Professional Development Grant application schedule and 9/28 brown bag. One of the issues raised in the Dialogues was the desirability of support for DoIT courses. A department/center PD Grant application to support a DoIT course may be considered if it's not for minimal training, but for diversification of skill base. Dennis will send informational email to CoE academic staff. Regarding a department's assertion they can't provide the required matching funds, this reflects the importance/priority of the professional development activity to the department. The chair has the option of approaching the dean's office.

Key discussion items:

Statement on Instructional Professor Titles: Deferred until next meeting.

APC Election: (Jason) Nomination and election process will be completed in time for new member to attend the first APC meeting in October.

Responses to Academic Staff Dialogues: (Dennis) Including academic staff in the Annual Report and other CoE/departmental publications: The Annual Report is a fund raising document whose purpose is to increase CoE visibility with alumni and the media. It's content is determined by Karen Walsh. The faculty directory is a separate document. Departmental publications are becoming increasingly electronic and the Dean has no control over their content. It seems unfair that grant funded academic staff can't be compensated at the rates listed in the grant to offset their more tentative job security: Grants are awarded contingent upon following UW policies, which include funding-neutral compensation structures and pay plans. Comment was made that a funding agency's decision to reduce the amount of an award in a particular grant year does not result in a downward pay rate adjustment for academic staff paid on that grant. One-on-one benefits counseling: The campus Employee Compensation & Benefits Services (ECBS) office provides both seminars and one-on-one counseling, with department staff proving intake and referral. Supervisor training program: The campus Office of Human Resource Development (OHRD) provides this type of training, including a 10 week supervisory training course and others, but we can't require someone to go. Suggestions mentioned included raising the issue at one of the department chair monthly brown bags and/or a meeting of research center directors organized by Associate Dean Kulcinski. A related suggestion was an informational presentation to the Operating Committee on academic staff promotions & rate/title changes, which could be done by Jeanne, possibly with APO staff.

The consensus was that the "Voices of Academic Staff" document would be accepted as final and distributed and/or posted on the CASI web site. CASI members will continue to develop dialogues responses in the form of news emails, FAQs, informational seminars, brown bags, and arranging meetings with the Dean and others as appropriate. The Dean indicated that he would support a more formal survey of CoE academic staff, with the goal of getting feedback from a larger sample, if the CASI determined this would be useful.

Update on Action Items from the CASI Retreat:
Academic staff climate recommendation presentations to CoE & Dept committees — on hold for now.
Monthly CoE-wide academic staff brown bags (Laura, Jason) — in progress.
FAQs (Jason, Dennis) — will be developed based on addressing dialogues responses.
Mentoring program (Dennis) — survey how it occurs in CoE units & report back.
Academic staff accomplishments/contributions regularly appearing in CoE publications (Jason) — in progress. Jason will send an email to all CoE academic staff concerning the CoE Newsnotes, including a reminder to submit items to Karen Walsh.
Assuring responses to Dialogue comments (Dennis) — in progress.

Possible Bylaw Changes: Deferred until next meeting.

The next full CASI meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 31, 2005, 2:30-4pm, Room 3609 Engineering Hall.

Jeanne Hendricks, Recorder

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