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COE Committee on Academic Staff Issues: Meeting Highlights, August 26, 2002

CoE CASI (Committee on Academic Staff Issues) Meeting Highlights 8/26/2002:

Present: J. Czyscon, B. Dye, L. Grossenbacher, J. Hendricks, M. Landretti, F. McTavish P. Peercy, B. Peterson, J. Schowalter
Excused absence: S. Anderson

At the request of the CASI, J. Hendricks forwarded to all CoE academic staff an e-mail announcement for a 9/19 workshop on writing successful Professional Development Grant proposals, and an e-mail announcement for a career workshop. A memo dated 8/16/2002 from Stephen Lund (OHR Associate Director) was sent to deans, directors, and chairs announcing competition for the 2002 Part II Academic Staff Professional Development Grant Program, for the grant period 1/1/2003 through 6/30/2003. Complete information on the grant program is available at

CASI Self-Assessment Discussion:
The CASI reviewed several documents emailed prior to the meeting by D. Ray, including a Status of CASI Activities document, Draft CASI Review and Assessment Process memorandum, and CASI Bylaw Responsibilities Worksheet. These items will be reviewed in greater depth, with assistance from a facilitator from outside CoE, during a mini-retreat scheduled for Monday, September 9, from 12:30-3:30pm, in 3609 EH. The expected outcome will be a list of action items for the future and an action plan and management plan to insure follow-up. A general question for discussion will be how to get feedback from CoE academic staff at large. It was observed that so far the CoE CASI has tackled committee organizational issues, and that a greater challenge will be to get academic staff interested and involved when their professional identity is more aligned with their specific unit than with the College as a whole.
Other follow-up action items emerging from the review of these documents:
P. Peercy will distribute the performance evaluation document developed during the CoE Planning Meeting at the next regular CASI meeting.
P. Peercy will update the CoE committee lists for this fall.
J. Hendricks will work with Catherine Knuteson to complete the update of the grid showing notice periods for various types of academic staff appointments.

Professorial Titles Subcommittee:
D. Ray volunteered to serve on this subcommittee and was added.

New Employee Orientation Subcommittee Report and Discussion:
M. Landretti distributed a draft proposal for the new employee reception and orientation, including the purpose, agenda, and list of action items. Consensus was that the event be an hour in length, in late afternoon, in the Engineering Hall lobby. P. Peercy will determine the specific date and time. There was some discussion about who should be present from the Dean's office, how and when it should be announced, and what handouts might be made available.
J. Hendricks will obtain from Betty Gordon a list of new hires over the past 2 years; this will be done in mid-October, when the fall new hires are likely to be in the data system.

CASI-ASEC Representative:
L. Grossenbacher agreed to replace J. Czyscon in this role, to be the link between the CoE CASI and other CASIs across campus, as well as ASEC, including attending spring and fall luncheon meetings.

Open Issues & Other Business:
The CASI voted unanimously to have S. Anderson replace B. Peterson as CoE CASI representative on the CoE APC, with D. Ray as a backup choice.
At the request of the CASI, follow-up on the Engineering Hall building manager issues raised by an earlier memo to the CASI from Steve Limbach will be reported at the next regular CASI meeting.


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