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COE Committee on Academic Staff Issues: Meeting Highlights, November 21, 2000

CASI members: (name, title, employing unit, email address)

Bob Peterson, Senior Scientist, FTI (Fusion Technology Institute) & EP (Engineering Physics Dept.),

Simon Anderson, Associate Scientist, ECE (Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept.),

Jeff Schowalter, Faculty Associate, ECE,

Laura Grossenbacher, Lecturer, EPD (Engineering Professional Development Dept.),

Janice Czyscon, Senior Editor, EPD,

Marsha Landretti, Senior Administrative Program Specialist, CEE (Civil & Environmental Engineering),

Fiona McTavish, Research Program Manager II, CHSRA (Center for Health Research & Analysis),

Paul Peercy, Dean & Chair,

Mike Corradini, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Associate/backup Chair,

Jeanne Hendricks, Senior Administrative Program Specialist, Dean's Office, Staff to the Committee,

Bob Dye, Associate Dean for Finance & Personnel, Staff to the Committee,


Develop By-Laws (By-Laws subcommittee: Laura, Janice, Simon)
Develop/obtain complete roster of all COE academic staff, including email addresses (Bob Dye and Jeanne will work with Gene Masters)
Solicit suggestions for agenda items (email from Paul to all Academic staff by January 2 - two weeks in advance of next meeting)
Agenda posted at least 24 hours in advance (by January 12) via email to all academic staff & chairs (Paul)
Update website & announce to all academic staff (website - Communications subcommittee: Marsha, Jeff, Bob, Fiona/email announcement - Paul)
Inform departments that CASI is functioning to address concerns of academic staff and academic staff-related issues (Paul)
Elect CASI representative to COE APC (Bob Peterson was selected by voting members)

PROCESS/COMMUNICATIONS ISSUES: (Communications subcommittee)

How can we become more aware of major academic staff issues?
How do we communicate effectively to outside organizations?
How do we communicate effectively with academic staff within the COE?
How do we best identify the most important issues for academic staff?
How can we inform academic staff of policies & procedures &/or their web locations?

(via CASI website? --include CASI web address in all communications)


Consideration of Research Faculty positions/titles & Teaching
Faculty positions/titles
Connection of academic staff to campus-related issues & organizations
Reports to/from academic staff campus organizations & other campus organizations


Performance & merit review
Academic staff compensation
Rewards & recognition for academic staff
Professional development
Lecturer appointment percentages
Role in PhD education/research and credit for this effort
Role of academic staff in departmental governance
Academic Staff Policies & Procedures - informed about rights/responsibilities


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