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COE Committee on Academic Staff Issues: Meeting Highlights, October 22, 2001

CoE CASI (Committee on Academic Staff Issues) Meeting Highlights 10/22/2001

Present: J. Czyscon, B. Dye, P. Farrell, L. Grossenbacher, J. Hendricks, M. Landretti, F. McTavish, P. Peercy, B. Peterson, J. Schowalter Absent: S. Anderson

Presentation by Don Schutt, Director, Office of Human Resource Development (OHRD):

Don provided handouts and a brief overview of programs offered and/or administered by his office. All of these programs are listed and described on the OHRD Website, A HREF="">, which also provides on-line registration for all programs listed except seminars offered by the Graduate School.

Don recently gave a 15-minute presentation to the Deans Council, highlighting the importance of professional development. He will give similar presentations to other groups, such as department chairs, upon request. He will also give local presentations, such as career development sessions and performance review brown bags, upon request.

Due to a mix-up in room scheduling, necessitating earlier adjournment, the committee agreed to deviate from the circulated agenda order and focus on the town meeting agenda item.

Town Meeting Results & Discussion:

Prior to the meeting, S. Anderson sent by e-mail notes and questions from the town meeting to all committee members. Approximately 50 people attended the Town Meeting, and the issues raised were fairly consistent with those already on the CASI issues list. It was suggested that the committee concentrate on issues the committee can actually impact that are consistent with the CASI mission with emphasis on those issues that affect the largest number of people. CASI reviewed the pie charts (developed by Betty Gordon) showing the makeup of CoE academic staff by function, unit, and funding source that were presented at the Town Meeting. Some committee members expressed surprise in learning that researchers comprise the largest group. It was suggested that academic staff that perform research, instruction, etc., initiate focus groups in their area of work. M. Landretti and F. McTavish volunteered to form a subcommittee to address new employee orientation, particularly at the college/department level (how things work, who to call, etc.) L. Grossenbacher, B. Peterson, and J. Schowalter volunteered to form a subcommittee to address the issue of research and instructional professorial titles.

CoE CASI Annual Report:

Prior to the meeting, J. Czyscon had developed a draft CoE CASI Annual Report and e-mailed it to all committee members. She requested that any comments or suggestions be sent to her by Wednesday, to finalize the report in time for the ASEC-CASIs meeting on Thursday.


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