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COE Committee on Academic Staff Issues: Meeting Highlights, May 20, 2002

CoE CASI (Committee on Academic Staff Issues) Meeting Highlights 5/20/2002

Present: S. Anderson, J. Czyscon, B. Dye, L. Grossenbacher, J. Hendricks, M. Landretti, P. Peercy, B. Peterson, J. Schowalter
Absent: F. McTavish

P. Peercy repeated for the committee his slide presentation from the May APC meeting concerning the budget situation, including historical and current data, and possible College of Engineering responses to the budget shortfall.

Professorial Titles Subcommittee:
The subcommittee decided they were not sufficiently prepared to give a presentation at the May APC meeting. L. Grossenbacher, J. Schowalter, and Kumar Sridharan will continue working over the summer on further developing the recommendations and increasing awareness among CoE academic staff. They will work with Joyce Tikalsky to develop a web page, linked to the CoE CASI web page, providing information and an opportunity to submit comments. In late summer when the web page is ready, they will notify J. Hendricks, who will send an e-mail message to all Coe academic staff.

New Employee Orientation Subcommittee Report and Discussion:
M. Landretti and F. McTavish will send P. Peercy a draft agenda for the fall welcoming orientation session for new academic staff. J. Hendricks will request from Betty Gordon a list of the new hires over the past 2 years.

Communications Subcommittee Report and Discussion:
The CASI election has been completed. The elected members are Laura Grossenbacher (instructional) and Dennis Ray (research).

CASI Self-Assessment Discussion:
D. Ray, J. Czyscon, S. Anderson, and F. McTavish will develop a framework suggesting a process for conducting the self-assessment, and facilitate the process. Suggestions proposed during the discussion include reviewing the committee's mission, revisiting the comments from the town meeting, reviewing successes and accomplishments, conducting another town meeting, debate, or panel discussion. Questions proposed to stimulate inquiry: Why are we meeting? Are we effective? What are our goals? Are we accomplishing our goals? What is our role? How do we communicate to CoE academic staff? The draft framework will be discussed at the next CASI meeting.

Open Issues & Other Business:
The CASI voted unanimously to have Simon Anderson fill the research vacancy created by B. Peterson's departure from the university next month. J. Hendricks distributed a memo to the CASI from Steve Limbach describing concerns about building manager issues in Engineering Hall. It was the consensus of the committee that the issues were too broad to be addressed specifically by the CASI, and the communication was referred to the Dean. It was the consensus of the committee to suspend meetings until the last week of August.


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