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COE Committee on Academic Staff Issues: Meeting Highlights, March 25, 2002

CoE CASI (Committee on Academic Staff Issues) Meeting Highlights 3/25/2002

Present: S. Anderson, J. Czyscon, B. Dye, J. Hendricks, F. McTavish, P. Peercy, B. Peterson, J. Schowalter
Absent: L. Grossenbacher, M. Landretti

Announcements: Items distributed to CASI members since last meeting:
2/19 - J. Hendricks emailed to all CoE Academic Staff the announcement of CEBC/PDRC/PPPC-sponsored promotion presentations, per CASI request.
2/19 - email from J. Hendricks offering to forward professional development announcements to all CoE academic staff, upon request from the CASI
2/19 - email from J. Hendricks w/comments from Linda Newman (ASEC chair) concerning the professorial titles
2/28 - email from J. Hendricks announcing 2 March brown bags, on Practicing Civility: Maintaining Boundaries (Steve Pearson, EA Director), and Professional Development Through Involvement in Professional Organizations (PDRC)
3/8 - email from J. Hendricks announcing the Plan 2008 Diversity Forum on 5/7
3/25 - email from J. Hendricks (corrected Diversity Forum announcement)
3/25 - email from J. Hendricks w/budget website URL
3/25 - email from J. Hendricks - info from campus administration regarding proposed sick leave legislation (The CASI requested this be sent to all CoE academic staff.)

APC Report (P. Peercy):
The APC meeting included the first reading of a draft CoE faculty parental leave philosophy document, which encourages sensitivity to the needs of the parent(s) as well as the departmental workload. Other items included a budget update, report from the (IT) Infrastructure Committee, and a slide presentation "walk-through" of the Centers Building. The Infrastructure Committee focus issues include technological support for faculty interested in increasing their digitally-based teaching, increased web page support, restructuring to concentrate support on network activities, and related issues. The committee will develop specific recommendations for future IT support in the college. The Dean has communicated to Campus leadership the view that future budget adjustments (up or down) should be allocated strategically rather than across the board, with one important consideration being the number of students. Some required budget reductions can be accomplished by delaying new activities that were to be funded by the Madison Initiative, but not all of that funding can be used for the reductions since much of it comes from student tuition. !

The Centers Building walk-through slides can be presented at a future CoE CASI meeting if the committee requests it.

Professorial Titles Subcommittee:
B. Peterson, L. Grossenbacher, J. Schowalter, and Associate Scientist Kumar Sridharan have been developing a white paper on the subject of professorial titles for academic staff. B. Peterson distributed copies of the current draft. They will send out the draft for further feedback, and the final version will be used to determine if there is consensus among CoE academic staff. L. Grossenbacher's contact in the School of Business has indicated that there are issues/problems with their implementation of the titles. P. Peercy will contact the Deans of the Schools of Business and Education. The subcommittee is considering whether to split the titles to consider the Research and Instructional titles separately. J. Hendricks will arrange for B. Peterson to receive a list of all CoE scientists for communication concerning the Research titles.

New Employee Orientation Subcommittee Report and Discussion:
The subcommittee distributed handouts, including useful Websites for new employees and a new employee orientation checklist. There is a lot of useful information available if employees could be made aware of it. The "My UW" portal developed by DoIT for students will soon become available to everyone. Committee consensus was that next fall CASI would organize a new employee welcome and networking event, patterned on the new assistant professor networking event sponsored by the CoE EDC.

Communications Subcommittee Report and Discussion:
The subcommittee distributed drafts of memos from the Dean and a ballot form for the CASI election. A Website will be available, and ballots will be submitted by e-mail. It was suggested that a special message be sent to current members whose terms are expiring and unsuccessful candidates from the previous election, to encourage them to run again. The subcommittee will propose a slate of 3 candidates for each of the 2 seats up for election.

IRAS Questionnaire Discussion:
This item was postponed until the April meeting.

Open Issues and Other Business:
Because of the high level of activities in the committees discussed above, the consensus of CASI was to dissolve the Professional Development subcommittee and remove reference to it from the website. If needed, this subcommittee can readily be resurrected. J. Czyscon reported on the 3/21 ASEC-CASI representatives meeting, during which the professorial titles were discussed. Additionally, it was noted that, in the School of Education, the EDC reports periodically to the CASI. Should this committee ask for periodic reports from any other CoE committees and/or CoE representatives on Campus committees (e.g., CoE EDC, CoE members of ASEC)? P. Peercy will update and redistribute the list of CoE Committees that was distributed in May, 2001.


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