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COE Committee on Academic Staff Issues: Meeting Highlights, March 19, 2001

CoE CASI (Committee on Academic Staff Issues) Meeting Highlights 3/19/2001

Present: S. Anderson, B. Dye, J. Hendricks, M. Landretti, P. Peercy, B. Peterson, and J. Schowalter Absent: F. McTavish, L. Grossenbacher

CoE CASI Representative to ASEC/CASIs Meetings:
The CASI agreed by consensus that Janice Czyscon will continue to serve in this role, update the campus questionnaire (per comments during the meeting), attend the 3/29 ASEC meeting, and report at the next CASI meeting.

APC (Academic Planning Council) Report and discussion:
The APC discussed indirect costs, the new Chancellor's priorities and the CoE Strategic Plan. The dean distributed a list of action items from the off-site planning meeting to members of the APC and OC (Operating Committee), requesting priority rankings. CASI members indicated interest in seeing the list, so Bob Peterson will e-mail it to the individual CASI members for their priority ranking. Additionally, at any time, the CASI can request that items of particular interest be added to the APC agenda. The CASI will manage and conduct the election process for the at-large academic staff position on the APC this spring.

Communications Subcommittee Report and Discussion:
Website update is in progress, working with the new CoE Webmaster, Joyce Tikalsky. Once activated, any changes to the website decided during a CASI meeting can be made within the following two weeks. J. Hendricks will arrange for Joyce to give a demonstration the Website at our next CASI meeting.

Professional Development Subcommittee Report and Discussion:
Identified needs:

Training for added responsibilities (research project management, budgeting, managing grad students, etc.)
Top-down support (credit/encouragement for professional development, or require it)
Formal structure
Training needs to be easy to do, squeezed into a normal workday

Cost can be impediment. Professional development efforts should make increased use of technology-based instruction (streaming video, online courses, etc.)

Summary of Action Items:
Check auditorium availability and schedule academic staff town meeting (P. Peercy/J. Hendricks) NOTE: This is done, and the town meeting will be May 10 @1:00 p.m. in 1610 EH
CASI will run election process for at-large academic staff APC position (Communications Subcommittee)
Update ASEC questionnaire to include town meeting and website as accomplishments (J. Czyscon) Demo of website at future CASI meeting (J. Hendricks/Communications Subcommittee)
Take staff development/education needs to campus level (P. Peercy)
Respond to request from Don Schutt for professional development topics (Professional Development Subcommittee)
Update on professional development at next meeting (Professional Development Subcommittee)
Include professional development button on website (Communications Subcommittee)


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