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COE Committee on Academic Staff Issues: Meeting Highlights, February 18, 2002

CoE CASI (Committee on Academic Staff Issues) Meeting Highlights 2/18/2002

Present: J. Czyscon, B. Dye, L. Grossenbacher J. Hendricks, P. Peercy, B. Peterson, and J. Schowalter
Absent: S. Anderson, M. Landretti, and F. McTavish

Announcements: P. Peercy mentioned the upcoming architect selection for the Mechanical Building renovation and expansion, and the latest information from John Torphy's office relative to the budget cuts.
There is a MASA brownbag tomorrow (2/19) at Union South, featuring UW-Madison Chief of Police Sue Riesling.
Items distributed to CASI members since last meeting:
1/14 - email from J. Czyscon with the IRAS questionnaire
1/28 - email from J. Hendricks announcing February presentations, co-sponsored by CEBC, PDRC, and PPPC, relating to Academic Staff Promotions
1/29 - email from J. Hendricks announcing 2/14 PDRC brownbag on writing a successful Academic Staff Professional Development Grant proposal
1/30 - email from J. Hendricks announcing scholarship opportunity for UW-Madison Evening MBA Program

Professorial Titles Subcommittee:
B. Peterson contacted Linda Newman (ASEC Chair) regarding the status of this issue. A recent Wisconsin Week article publicized the Business School's Teaching Professor appointments. There are 9 teaching professors on their website, most of whom have PhDs and teach business communications. Linda has asked L. Grossenbacher to participate in a March 11 focus group meeting on instructional titles. ASEC plans to recommend to the Provost that Administrative Legal Services review the Faculty Senate recommendation. The School of Education is formulating plans for use of working titles, and the Medical School is proceeding with research faculty. Linda's recommendation was to proceed with developing something. The Subcommittee will get in touch with key contacts in the School of Education, Medical School, and School of Business, and invite other interested CoE academic staff to participate in working meetings to draft guidelines, criteria, procedures, etc.

New Employee Orientation Subcommittee Report and Discussion:
Both subcommittee members were absent, so there was no report.

Communications Subcommittee Report and Discussion:
Two CASI memberships are due for re-election this spring: S. Anderson's position representing the research area, and L. Grossenbacher's position representing the instructional area. The Subcommittee will conduct the election process so that it is completed by the end of the academic year in May. Secretary of the Academic Staff Colleen McCabe has requested that the CoE CASI present a report to the Academic Staff Assembly at the April 8 meeting. J. Czyscon, the CoE CASI Campus Representative, graciously offered to develop and deliver the presentation.

Professional Development Subcommittee Report and Discussion:
There was no report. Concern was expressed that the CASI is working on too many issues simultaneously, when a better approach might be to narrow the focus and devote more attention to fewer issues. Since information is currently being distributed electronically concerning a number of campus professional development opportunities, it was the consensus of the committee to suspend the activities of this particular subcommittee for the present.

IRAS Questionnaire Discussion:
The CASI members present agreed that all members would review the questionnaire to determine what comments (if any) we should forward to the Secretary of the Academic Staff. B. Dye suggested focusing on questions B8 and B9. The Committee's response will be finalized during the March meeting.

Follow-up Discussion of Issues from Previous Meetings:
Regarding the issue of Performance Reviews, P. Peercy reported that sample forms were developed (one for faculty, one for staff) during the Operating Committee Leadership Workshop. These forms are being revised and will be shared later. At present there are no new College policies being developed that affect academic staff. The Coe EDC (Equity & Diversity Committee) is reviewing a parental leave philosophy/policy document that applies specifically to faculty. There were further questions concerning the inclusion of academic staff on CoE websites and in the Annual Report. CASI plans to discuss this question further during the March meeting, to determine whether the Committee wants to develop a request.


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