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COE Committee on Academic Staff Issues: Meeting Highlights, January 16, 2001

CASI (Committee on Academic Staff Issues) Meeting Highlights 1/16/2001

Present: J.Czyscon, B.Dye, L.Grossenbacher, J.Hendricks, M.Landretti, F.McTavish, P.Peercy, B.Peterson, J.Schowalter Absent: S.Anderson

(P.Peercy) Longer term appointment annual review process is now underway. (J.Hendricks) Jeanne distributed the UW System Administration Titling Sub-group drafts of new Instructional and Research Professor titles and discussed subsequent steps and timeline. The subgroup is in agreement about the concept of the new titles, but there is disagreement about the lack of PhD requirement for the Instructional Assistant and Associate Professor titles. The subgroup will present its final draft to the Senior Executive Vice President, who will discuss it with President Lyall. Lyall will distribute her recommendations to the various campuses via their chancellors. The chancellors will consult within their campuses as they see fit, and provide feedback to President Lyall. System Administration would like this issue resolved by the end of this spring.

(P.Peercy) All items on IMMEDIATE TASKS list not assigned to subcommittees have been completed.

By-Laws Subcommittee Report & discussion:
The committee reviewed CASI bylaws from the Medical School, School of Education, and Letters & Science and developed a draft that was distributed for review. Laura Grossenbacher will email to CASI members the CASI web addresses for the other schools/colleges so we can review their by-laws and other items on their websites.

Communications Subcommittee Report & discussion:
The committee distributed a written summary of their discussion & suggestions, for review and further discussion at the next meeting. WEBSITE: The website was emphasized as critical to communication with other COE academic staff. Suggested links included other academic staff informational, governance, and organization sites, and professional development opportunities. It was suggested to include a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section. TOWN MEETING: Town Meetings at least annually, inviting all COE academic staff, were suggested as an opportunity to communicate "face to face". LINKS TO CAMPUS ACADEMIC STAFF ORGANIZATIONS: Other communication issues raised included the desirability of communication between CASI and other academic staff organizations (ASEC, etc.) so that CASI is aware of and can comment on issues being considered by these groups. Many academic staff members are not aware of these organizations, their purposes, or what they do that affects academic staff. It was decided that the next CASI meeting would be devoted primarily to a discussion of each organization and its mission, identifying any COE members. A summary of this information will be sent to CASI members in advance, and we will try to have one or more representatives of these organizations attend the CASI meeting. COE CULTURE: How to include academic staff who work off campus (e.g., in remotely located research centers) in the COE culture was suggested as an issue for future discussion.

P.Peercy will send CASI members (electronically) the SPECIFIC ISSUES list; each voting member will send it back ranked in order of preference; the compiled results will be discussed at the next meeting, to determine which issue the committee will examine next.

Monthly for now, 3rd Monday of each month, from 2:30-4:00 p.m. CASI members have option of requesting additional meetings if need arises.


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